CableFree Amber Crystal 802.11ac MIMO radio

Point-to-Point and Point-to Multipoint Wireless

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Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Communication In Wireless communications, Point-to-Multipoint communication (P2MP, PTMP or PMP) is communication which is accomplished via a distinct type of one-to-many connection, providing multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations. For P2MP, a central antenna or antenna array broadcasts to several receiving antennas and the system uses either Frequency Division Multiplexing or time-division multiplexing to allow for bidirectional […]

The Need for Speed: Building Ultra-Low-Latency Wireless Networks

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Ultra Low Latency Wireless for High Frequency Trading Microwave, Millimeter Wave and FSO are used extensively in Low Latency High Frequency Trading (HFT) Achieving the lowest end-to-end Ultra Low Latency with the highest possible reliability and network stability not only requires a wireless transmission platform that supports cutting edge low latency performance, but must be combined […]

Natrans 2015

Come and see CableFree at NATRANS, 25-27 October, Abu Dhabi

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CableFree: Wireless Excellence is exhibiting at NATRANS, 25-27 October, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, as part of the Last Mile Consortium (LMC) group. NATRANS covers transport networks including Rail, Road, Maritime & Infrastructure Technology.  CableFree products are widely used in transport networks including Safe City, CCTV, WiFi, Track-to-Train, Ship-to-Ship, Ship-to-Shore, Docks, Mobility, Disaster Recovery and […]


Come and meet Wireless Excellence at IFSEC, ExCel London 16-18 June 2015

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CableFree showing latest in Wireless Security Solutions at IFSEC, London 16-18 June 2015 The CableFree team would like to invite you to join us at IFSEC 2015, ExCel London 16-18 June, Stand B345. If you’re looking for access to the latest wireless products, applications of cutting-edge wireless technology for security and CCTV, case studies and inspiration from experts in the industry, IFSEC is well worth […]

CableFree FSO Mobility F1 Formular 1

CableFree Gigabit FSO links used by Formula 1 teams

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CableFree Gigabit FSO links have been extensively used by Formula 1 teams such as BAR/Honda for reliable, secure high speed Gigabit Wireless communication during F1 races, providing ultra secure, highly reliable mobile/temporary network segments that are deployed in minutes, don’t require frequency licenses or suffer interference. Watch our Youtube Video to find out more about […]