CableFree Enterprise 4G LTE CPE devices

Enterprise 4G LTE CPE devices

CableFree: Wireless Excellence has launched a new range of Enterprise 4G LTE CPE devices for mission-critical, high capacity Wireless Networking applications

CableFree Enterprise 4G LTE CPE Devices
CableFree 4G LTE Enterprise CPE

New Desktop and Outdoor Enterprise LTE devices from CableFree include carrier-grade features:

  • LTE Cat4 or Cat6 airside 4G/LTE interface up to 300Mbps or higher
  • Proven High Capacity Performance
  • 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces – factory options for higher port counts & SFP interfaces
  • High performance 1 GHz dual core x86-class CPU, with 2GB or 4GB RAM
  • Carrier-Grade Operating System with advanced routing, Firewall, Traffic Management, VPN/IPSEC, QoS and resiliency features
  • Internal SIM card slot & 2x USB ports
  • Works with an existing mobile operator network or a Closed/Private LTE network using CableFree LTE-A Base Stations
  • Indoor and Outdoor versions are available
  • Whip LTE antennas, or high gain outdoor directional antennas for long range and high capacity
  • Ability to cascade and aggregate multiple devices for resilience and higher capacity
  • Covers all common LTE bands including TDD and FDD bands
  • Optional Integrated WiFi 802.11ac with WiFi Hotspot Controller
  • High quality metal case.  1U 19″ Rack mounting options available.
  • Operator-specific branding options are available

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See a Live Demonstration of Performance

CableFree has demonstrated performance of these devices with 150Mbps Downlink and 42Mbps Uplink in a Category 4, 2×2 MIMO, 20MHz network.  See Here for more details of this demonstration including a video of results.

Available Now

CableFree Enterprise LTE CPEs are fully shipping and available now in common LTE bands

A complete range LTE Solutions

The CableFree range of LTE devices includes:

  • LTE Base Stations – Macro Site and Small Cell Solutions
  • LTE EPC and Core Infrastructure
  • Indoor Desktop CPEs
  • Outdoor Fixed CPEs
  • Handheld MiFi devices
  • USB dongle devices for Laptops, Desktop PC and Tablets
  • Full range of LTE deployment Planning Tools for Network Dimensioning and Design

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