Products: CableFree Accessories

CableFree offer a range of accessories for use with the CableFree range of Wireless Networking Products. These include Antennas, Cables, Surge Arresters, Off-Grid Solar Power and other items required to build all types of Wireless Applications.


CableFree Surge Arrester for Gigabit POE

CableFree Surge Arrestor for 0-6GHz RF Signals

CableFree Antennas for MIMO OFDM Radios

CableFree SIM cards for private LTE Networks

Power supply Options: International plugs and sockets

Power supplies are available with some regional plug options to meet various Global standards: please check before placing any orders.
Please note if your specific country plug isn’t commonly available, adaptors can be used to match your local sockets.
Also note that many CableFree products are hard-wired to switched or non-switched fused mains spurs therefore choice of plug/socket is not relevant.

CableFree Range of Wireless Products

CableFree offer a complete range of Wireless Products including

  • Microwave
  • Millimeter Wave (MMW)
  • 4G/LTE Base Stations, Core & CPE devices
  • MIMO OFDM Radios
  • Free Space Optics
  • Carrier WiFi Hotspot & Mesh Radios
CableFree Wireless Product Range
CableFree Wireless Product Range

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