CableFree V-Band 60GHz Radios deployed in Greenwich, UK

CableFree partner Velocefi have deployed a 60GHz V-band link to connect a remote temporary location in Greenwich with high speed 1Gbps full duplex capacity.

CableFree V-band 60GHz radio installed in Greenwich, UK
CableFree V-band 60GHz radio installed in Greenwich, UK

The Royal Borough of Greenwich staff were previously dependent on mobile coverage which was very weak and there was no network access at all for to desktop PCs in the remote working location.

The CableFree 60GHz link was chosen as cost effective alternative to digging up the 40 metres between the two locations and putting in a dedicated fibre cabled connection, which would have been slow and disruptive to install.

With extensive WiFi deployed in the area, the CableFree 60GHz radio does not suffer interference to or from 5GHz radios.   The CableFree V-band radios feature beam steering & beamforming technology to ensure optimum link alignment at all times.

CableFree V-band 60GHz radio installed in Greenwich, UK

The client reports that the Connectivity in the remote location is just as effective as if they were in the main building, with no noticeable latency in operation and “Fibre like” capacity of 1Gbps full duplex.

The interim Head of ICT quoted  “The staff that work there are really happy and impressed with the new service – it’s making a significant difference for them”.

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