CableFree launches New 4G LTE Industrial Cat 6 CPE devices

CableFree launches new LTE Industrial Cat 6 CPEs

New from CableFree, a range of Ruggedised 4G LTE CPEs optimised for Industrial Applications.  The CPEs are ideal for Industrial Automation, Machine Vision, Robotics, Mobility, Remote Vision, Self Driving Vehicles, and other industrial applications where mobility and high speed connectivity is required.

Featuring DIN rail mounting for industrial applications, with ruggedised waterproof connectors for Gigabit Ethernet and DC Power input, the new CableFree CPE devices feature latest-generation wireless and network capabilities including LTE Advanced Cat 6 and above, with 4×4 MIMO for high capacity and best wireless coverage.

A SIM card is inserted behind a weatherproof cover to enable connection to a service provider or private LTE network.  SMA connectors are provided for connection to LTE antennas which can be vehicle-mounted on top of vehicles or other structures for best RF coverage, range and capacity.  4×4 MIMO is supported with the model shown.

CableFree LTE Industrial Cat6 CPE
CableFree 4G LTE Industrial Cat6 CPE: Ruggedised Broadband Wireless

Flexible solution for a wide range of Applications

The CPEs are ideal for diverse applications including Safe City, Smart City, Mobile CCTV in vehicles, machine vision, remote telemetry, automation, robotics, manufacturing, production lines, self driving vehicles and many other possible uses.

CAT 6 CPEs can connect with 4×4 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation for 300Mbps or higher download capacity when suitable configured.  Onboard software includes routing and flexible features that can be factory customised to meet specific needs if required. Various IP rated options are available also for outdoor or enclosed applications.  In the following picture the DIN rail mounting bracket is shown.  Other mounting types are factory options.

CableFree LTE Industrial Cat6 CPE
CableFree LTE Industrial Cat6 CPE: DIN rail mount shown

Product Information

Please contact the CableFree team for more information.  Direct link to product web page is here

Complete LTE solutions from CableFree for complete LTE networks

CableFree also supplies LTE Base Stations with Macro Site and Small Cell capability to connect the devices to enable complete solutions for Private LTE network, police, security, government and special applications. Standalone and “Closed” LTE networks are supported by the optional embedded EPC and SIM database. For more information please see this link below, or contact us:

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