CableFree Private LTE

CableFree Baseband Unit (BBU) for Private LTE 4G & 5G

CableFree Private LTE solutions for 4G and 5G Networks

Create your own 4G or 5G Private LTE Network:
CableFree offer complete range of Licensed and Unlicensed band LTE solutions. Featuring advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology with ease of upgrade, both 2×2 & 4×4 MIMO versions are available in all TDD and FDD bands.

Reasons to choose CableFree for Private LTE

CableFree Private LTE solutions combine powerful and unique hardware and software to bring the latest in 4G & 5G technology: Using advanced Software Defined radio technology, CableFree LTE radios can be easily upgraded to take advantage of updates in standards to meet growth in user demands and applications.

5G Available Today

CableFree offers 5G in both flavours: 5G-SA (Standalone) and 5G-NSA (Non-standalone). Note that NSA mode does require two radio interfaces/units to connect, whereas SA mode requires just a single radio interface. As most operators plan to migrate to 5G-SA, this is preferred option for most new-build Private 5G networks.

Software Upgrade from 4G to 5G!

As a radical example, CableFree radios can be software upgraded from 4G to 5G with just a change in software settings, operating in the same spectrum. This preserves customer/operator investment in infrastructure, enabling a “today” deployment of 4G to be migrated to 5G when user application requirements demand.

Licensed versus Unlicensed LTE

Most LTE deployments use licensed bands, in frequency bands defined by the 3GPP. However CableFree also offers LTE in the unlicensed 5GHz band, enabling end users and operators to deploy 4G services where licensed spectrum is unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Select Suitable 4G & 5G User Devices (UE)

Being a global standard, 4G and 5G networks can connect to a wide variety of User Equipment (UE) devices including phones, tablets, MiFi, industrial, ruggedised, desktop and outdoor CPEs to match the frequency band selected and application.

CableFree Cat6 to Cat12 Desktop LTE CPE
CableFree Cat6 to Cat12 Desktop LTE CPE

CableFree offer CPE devices for many applications including industrial, vehicle mount and high gain outdoor devices for long range connections and Rural Broadband applications. An example diagram showing long range connection using 4G LTE is here:

Worldwide Availability of CableFree LTE

From our headquarters in the UK, CableFree products are now installed and operating around the world in over 80 countries, powering large and smaller networks alike, including some major name organisations. Our comprehensive product range offers a “One Stop Shop” for complete wireless networks, including 4G & 5G LTE Networks, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, MIMO Radio, FSO and Carrier WiFi.

CableFree are actively shipping 5G Base Station infrastructure including 5G-NSA and 5G-SA, designed and manufactured in the UK. CableFree partners around the world can offer, install and maintain Private LTE networks wherever required.

CableFree Baseband Unit (BBU) for Private LTE 4G & 5G
CableFree Baseband Unit (BBU) for Private LTE 4G & 5G

Get involved with Private LTE

The CableFree success story is built on the efforts and commitment of our Partners worldwide, working closely with our internal team to implement thousands of wireless networks in over 80 countries worldwide. Our Partner Programme operates worldwide and delivers the very best support to operators and end users of our equipment.

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