CableFree Multi-Radio WiFi Outdoor Hotspots

CableFree WiFi Outdoor AP

CableFree Multi-Radio WiFi Outdoor Hotspots

CableFree WiFi Outdoor Hotspots: Multi-radio, up to 4 separate radios in one box. Capable of WiFi, Hotspot Controller, Mesh, Backhaul, P2P, P2MP all in one unit. Simultaneous 2.4 & 5GHz, including 802.11ac.
Options for custom licensed frequency bands available for backhaul links
Optional 4G/LTE backhaul for mobile platforms, buses, trains, ships and law enforcement agencies.
CableFree WiFi Outdoor Hotspots are Ideal for Service Providers, Wireless ISPs, Metro Networks, Corporate, Safe City and Smart City Applications.
Indoor and Outdoor ruggedised units are available, for mounting on street furniture such as lighting poles, power poles, buildings, telecom masts and other structures
Low power consumption, POE-enabled.  Alternative solar/battery power available for off-grid operation and remote sites.
Free network design consultancy for CableFree Partners to enhance their network and grow with ease.  Please contact us and we’ll be delighted to advise on how to grow your network using CableFree products.  We can design and provide anything from a single WiFi hotspot to entire city-level and country-level WiFi designs

3G Offload and LTE Offload are possible using CableFree WiFi Hotspots including advanced authentication features to work with existing Cellular Carrier Infrastructure.

An example 4-Radio CableFree Outdoor WiFi Hotspot with 2×2 MIMO Antennas, in fully weatherproof outdoor-rated case:

CableFree WiFi Outdoor AP
CableFree WiFi Outdoor AP

CableFree WiFi Outdoor Hotspots

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