The Need for Speed: Building Ultra-Low-Latency Wireless Networks

The CableFree product range includes specific Ultra Low Latency versions of Microwave, Millimeter Wave (MMW) and Free Space Optics (FSO) products which reduce the latency per-hop and per-terminal to under 20 nanoseconds per terminal, using special low latency techniques. Customised Advanced Modulation for Lowest Latency greatly reduces the latency in transmission compared to standard wireless links

CableFree FOR3 Microwave Links power ISP backbones in the Middle East

CableFree FOR3 can expand to 3.5Gbps and above for ultra high capacity links. Microwave links are fast to install and can be deployed within hours, and distances up to 100km or more on suitable towers. Microwave is low cost alternative to fibre optic and leased line connectivity and are highly reliable with uptimes of 99.999% or higher possible.

CableFree Solutions

Telecom Last-Mile, GSM, 3G & 4G/LTE Networks, Wireless CCTV, Smart Cities, Safe Cities, Corporate Private Networks, Defence & National Security, Metropolitan Area Networks, Rural Broadband, Broadcast HDTV, Disaster Recovery, Mobile & Temporary links, Broadband Wireless Internet, Leased Line Replacement, Sports and Special events, Avoid Network Outage caused by Fibre Cuts

Sports and Special events

Historic photo of CableFree FSO deployed for Formula 1 Racing

Sports and Special events, Solutions: Formula One and Sporting Events, High-capacity, highly reliable & low cost of ownership, Proven Track Record for Wireless Worldwide

Leased Line Replacement

CableFree speed-of-light-wall-street-high-frequency-trading

Leased Line Replacement, Leased Line Alternatives and Resilience using Wireless, Features and Benefits, Complete Range of Wireless Solutions

Broadband Wireless Internet

Broadband Wireless Internet, Solutions: Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), Flexible Choices of Wireless Technology, CableFree Wireless Internet Service Provider, WISP Features and Benefits, Proven Track record Worldwide

Wireless Rural Broadband

Wireless Rural Broadband, Installing High Speed Wireless Rural Broadband in The Cotswolds, UK, Ideal solution for Rural Broadband, The “Invisible” Base station, Core Internet Feed, Compact, Low Cost CPE Devices, Licensed vs. Unlicensed Radio technology,

Mobile & Temporary links

Mobile & Temporary links, Mobile, Temporary and Disaster Recovery, Wireless Solutions for Mobile, Temporary and Disaster Recovery, Wireless is more flexible and faster than fixed cables, Wireless Features and Benefits, Proven Wireless Performance Worldwide

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, Mobile, Temporary and Disaster Recovery, Wireless Solutions for Mobile, Temporary and Disaster Recovery, Wireless is more flexible and faster than fixed cables, Wireless Features and Benefits, Proven Wireless Performance Worldwide

Broadcast HDTV

CableFree UNITY - FSO+Radio Installation in London

Broadcast HDTV, Gigabit Wireless Broadcast Television and Satellite Uplinks, very high data rates such as 270Mbps, 540Mbps and 1.485Gbps SDI/HD-SDI/ASI high definition video and audio feeds

Metropolitan Area Networks

Metropolitan Area Networks, Wireless Metro Networks, New Build, Green-Field Networks, Upgrades & Network Extensions, Microwave, Millimeter Wave (MMW), Free Space Optics (FSO), WiFi and 4G/LTE, Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh, Star and Ring Networks

Defence & National Security

CableFree MMW Link in UAE - night

Defence & National Security, Solutions: CCTV Security Networks, Safe Cities, Smart Cities, Mission Critical

Corporate and Campus Networks

CableFree UNITY solution with FSO and Radio in the British Virgin Islands

Solutions: Corporate and Campus Networks, Wireless links overcome Digging restrictions for fibre optics, Wireless: An ideal backup resilience solution to Fibre Optics and Leased Lines, Wireless is a Fast, Flexible and Reliable Solution,

Wireless CCTV

CableFree Pearl MIM OFDM Radio 867Mbps

Wireless CCTV, Solutions: CCTV Security Networks, Safe Cities, Smart Cities

CPRI Front-Haul Technology

CableFree 10Gbps MMW installed for Safe City Applications

CPRI Front-Haul Wireless Links for 4G/LTE Operators, Wireless-To-The-Antenna (WTTA) as a complement to FTTA (Fibre to the Antenna), Connecting Remote Radio Heads, CPRI bit rates Supported over Wireless,

GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE Cellular Networks

CableFree FOR3 Microwave Link Installed in Iraq

GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE Cellular Networks. Solutions: GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE Cellular Networks. Traditional Wired Solutions lack capacity and flexibility. High Capacity Backhaul up to 10Gbps. CPRI FrontHaul Options using FSO and MMW. 4G/LTE solutions

Last Mile Wireless Connectivity

Quad P2P and P2MP Radio Base Site

Last Mile Wireless Connectivity. Solutions: Last Mile Wireless Connectivity. More flexible than trenched cables and Leased Lines. Avoid risk of Fibre Breaks using Wireless. Wireless is installed and operational in hours not weeks – CableFree

Ultra Low Latency Technology for Wireless Networks

CableFree Microwave FOR3 2+0

The need for speed: Best Practices for Building Ultra-Low Latency Microwave Networks. Low Latency Wireless Networks for High Frequency Trading. Millimeter Wave, MMW and Microwave are the best for Ultra Low Latency. Faster Propagation – Lower Latency. Why Microwave, MMW and Free Space Optics signals travel faster than Fibre Optics