Airports: CableFree 5G for airport Applications

Airports: 5G Wireless Solutions for Airport Passenger & Freight Terminals

As technology continues to advance, the world is rapidly becoming more connected than ever before. Airports, as key transport hubs, are no exception to this trend. With increasing numbers of passengers and growing demands for efficient and seamless travel experiences, airports are constantly looking for ways to leverage technology to improve operations, reduce costs, and enhance the passenger experience.

One technology that is rapidly gaining traction in this space is CableFree 5G Small Cells. These innovative wireless systems are designed to provide high-speed, reliable connectivity in areas with high-density foot traffic and demanding network requirements, making them a perfect fit for airports.

CableFree 5G used in Airport Applications

Here are some of the ways that CableFree 5G Small Cells could benefit airports:

Operational Efficiency of Airports:

Airports are complex ecosystems that rely on a multitude of different systems and technologies to function properly. From baggage handling to security screening to air traffic control, each component of the airport must work together seamlessly to ensure a safe and efficient travel experience.

CableFree 5G Small Cells can play a key role in this effort by providing a reliable and high-speed network that supports a variety of critical airport operations. For example, these small cells could be used to support real-time video surveillance systems, which can help airport operators to quickly identify and respond to security threats. They could also be used to power real-time flight tracking systems, which can help airlines and airport staff to stay on top of flight schedules and reduce delays.

CableFree 5G Small Cell used in Airports Applications
CableFree 5G Small Cell used in Airport Applications

Freight and Logistics:

Airports are not just about passengers – they also play a critical role in the movement of goods and freight around the world. In fact, many of the world’s largest airports also serve as major cargo hubs, handling millions of tons of freight every year.

CableFree 5G Small Cells can be a game-changer for airport logistics, providing high-speed connectivity that can support real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments. This can help logistics providers to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. For example, small cells could be used to support automated tracking systems that monitor the location and condition of each shipment in real-time, providing up-to-date information to airport staff and logistics providers.

Passenger Convenience:

At the end of the day, airports exist to serve passengers – and CableFree 5G Small Cells can be a powerful tool in this effort. These small cells can provide high-speed connectivity that supports a variety of passenger services, including in-flight Wi-Fi, real-time flight updates, and mobile boarding passes.

CableFree 5G Small Cells can also be used to power innovative new passenger services, such as virtual concierge systems that provide passengers with personalized assistance throughout their journey. These systems could be used to help passengers navigate the airport, find their gate, or even order food and drinks from airport restaurants.

Security and Safety at Airports:

Finally, CableFree 5G Small Cells can play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of airport operations. With real-time video surveillance and tracking systems, these small cells can help airport staff to quickly identify and respond to security threats.

In addition, small cells can be used to power innovative new safety systems, such as automated fire detection and suppression systems that use real-time data to detect and respond to fires in the airport.


In conclusion, CableFree 5G Small Cells offer a wide range of benefits for airports, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced freight and logistics capabilities, enhanced passenger services, and improved security and safety. As airports continue to face growing demands and increased competition, it is clear that CableFree 5G Small Cells will play an increasingly important role in ensuring their success.

CableFree 5G: More Flexible and Faster

CableFree Wireless is more flexible and faster than fixed cables for airports. Modern data networks demand high-speed connectivity – from 1 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet with internet video and voice services. Leased lines or fibre are inflexible and the physical cable run may prove impossible or prone to subsequent damage.
CableFree solves the problem with high-capacity, highly reliable wireless solutions with low cost of ownership. CableFree products offer up to 10 Gigabit (10Gbps) capacity throughput and are installed in hours, not weeks.

Wireless Features and Benefits in Airports

A CableFree solution offers the following features and benefits:

High performance: Multi-Gigabit capacity using 5G, 10Gbps MMW, 8Gbps Microwave, and radio links
Rapid Installation: 15 minutes deployable on tripods, 3 hours permanent installation is achievable
Highly reliable: 99.999% availability achievable
License-Free Operation: No fees to pay on license free band
No monthly rental fee: Low maintenance solution
Diverse Technology Options: Complete range of 5G, MMW, Microwave, FSO, Radio and more
Fully Manageable: Advanced software tools
Resilient solutions: 1+1 and N+1 Hybrid resilient link options
Highly Secure: Proven inherently secure technologies
Moveable asset: Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)
Safe & environmentally friendly: Low disruption during installation

Proven Wireless Performance Worldwide

CableFree Wireless products are field-proven, with thousands of deployments in over 80 countries since 1996. Excellence in performance and reliability are ensured providing highly competitive solutions together with a comprehensive range of support services.

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