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Applies to RadioOS: v4.x test and v5.x packages

Profiles are used to control user session time. Each Profile has:

  • Name. Unique ID for the Profile - also used in signup page for dropdown menu of payments;
  • Name for Users. Descriptive name for the Profile that is displayed to the end user when they login to their user page;
  • Owner. The 'Owner' of the Profile (usually 'admin');
  • Validity. Defines the period of time the Profile is valid for. (Note: NOT the same as the online time that could be set in Limitations);
  • Starts. When the Profile is activated. Chose from 'At first logon', or 'Now';
  • Price. How much it will cost for the user or if left blank, there is no payment required;
  • Shared Users. Simultaneous session limits for each user


Profiles can be assigned to users manually or allocated by the user when they make a successful payment.

If the Profile property 'Starts' is set to 'At first Logon', the Profile assigned to a user is inactive until that user logs on to the system (e.g. via a Hotspot). When the user starts a new session, that User's 'start time' is fixed and accordingly the 'end time' is calculated. The 'end time' cannot then be changed, no matter if the session remains active until the 'end time' or the session closes sooner.

If the user has several profiles, the next inactive profile is then started (it's activated as the 'actual profile') when the previous actual profile reaches it's 'end time'. If there are no more inactive profiles to start, the user is forced to log off.

If there is already one active profile when a user logs on, this profile is used instead of starting the next one (if one is available).

If the user logs off before the profile's 'end time', the next inactive profile is started only when the user logs on again after the 'end time' of the earlier profile.

Only one profile (for the same user) can be active at a time.

The last profile of a user can be removed by customer only if it is inactive.


If the 'Starts' value is set to 'At first logon', then the Validity value starts counting. E.g. If Validity is set to 1d, then 1 day after first logon, regardless if the user has used all their online time or not, the profile will become invalid and they will be unable to log on again unless a new profile is available in their list of valid profiles.


Pre-defined Limitations can be attached to any profile. A total allowed user online/uptime limit for example, is set in the Limitations of a profile, not in the Validity field.