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Applies to RadioOS: v5


Sub-menu: /ipv6 firewall filter


Property Description
action (accept | add-dst-to-address-list | ...; Default: accept) Action to take if packet is matched by the rule:
  • accept - Accept the packet. It is not passed to the next firewall rule.
  • add-dst-to-address-list - Add destination address to address list specified by address-list parameter
  • add-src-to-address-list - Add source address to address list specified by address-list parameter
  • drop -Silently drop the packet.
  • jump - Jump to the user defined chain specified by the value of jump-target parameter
  • log - Add a message to the system log containing following data: in-interface, out-interface, src-mac, protocol, src-ip:port->dst-ip:port and length of the packet. After packet is matched it is passed to the next rule in the list, similar as passthrough
  • passthrough - Ignore this rule and go to next one (useful for statistics).
  • reject - Drop the packet and send an ICMP reject message
  • return - Passes control back to the chain from where the jump took place.
address-list (; Default: )
time (; Default: )

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