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Applies to RadioOS: v3, v4 +


Sub-menu: /ipv6 neighbor
Standards: RFC 2461
Package : IPv6

List of all discovered nodes by IPv6 neighbor discovery protocol (neighbor cache).

[admin@test_host] /ipv6 neighbor> print 
Flags: R - router 
 0   address=ff02::5 interface=main mac-address=33:33:00:00:00:05 status="noarp" 

 1   address=ff02::1 interface=main mac-address=33:33:00:00:00:01 status="noarp" 

 2 R address=fe80::d7:4cff:fec1:2e32 interface=main mac-address=00:0C:42:28:79:45 

Read more about ND >>

Read-only Properties

Property Description
address (ipv6 address) link-local address of the node.
comment (string)
inteface (string) Interface on which node was detected.
mac-address (string) Mac address of discovered node.
router (yes | no) Whether discovered node is router
status (noarp | incomplete | stale | reachable | delay | probe) Status of the cached entry:
  • noarp -
  • incomplete - address resolution is in progress and the link-layer address of the neighbor has not yet been determined;
  • reachable - the neighbor is known to have been reachable recently (within tens of seconds ago);
  • stale - the neighbor is no longer known to be reachable but until traffic is sent to the neighbor, no attempt should be made to verify its reachability;
  • delay - the neighbor is no longer known to be reachable, and traffic has recently been sent to the neighbor, probes are delayed for a short period in order to give upper layer protocol a chance to provide reachability confirmation;
  • probe - the neighbor is no longer known to be reachable, and unicast Neighbor Solicitation probes are being sent to verify reachability.