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Applies to RadioOS: v3, v4 +


Sub-menu level: /file

File menu shows all user space files on the CableFree router. It is possible to see and edit file content or delete file. file creation is not possible from this menu, to create files see scripting examples for workaround.

If RadioOS ".npk" package is uploaded, file menu will also show package specific information, like architecture, build date and time, etc.

File content example:

[admin@CableFree] /file> print 
 # NAME                          TYPE                    SIZE                 CREATION-TIME       
 0 autosupout.rif                .rif file               357368               oct/05/2010 09:47:01
 1 sample.txt                    .txt file               230                  oct/11/2010 12:14:43
[admin@CableFree] /file> set 1 contents=Hello

[admin@CableFree] /file> print detail where name~"sample"
 1 name="sample.txt" type=".txt file" size=5 creation-time=oct/11/2010 12:15:38 contents=Hello 
[admin@CableFree] /file> 

Package example:

[admin@CableFree] /file> print detail 
 0 name="multicast-5.0rc2-mipsbe.npk" type="package" size=245643 creation-time=jan/05/1970 21:44:25 
   package-name="multicast" package-version="5.0rc2" package-build-time=oct/11/2010 06:34:02 


Warning: If device has a directory named "flash" in its file list, then files which you want to be kept after system reboot/power cycle must be stored within it. As anything outside of it is kept within a RAM disk and will be lost upon reboot. Note: this does not include .npk upgrade files as they will be applied by upgrade process before system discards the RAM drive content.


Property Description
contents (string; Default: ) Actual content of the file.

Read-only properties

Property Description
creation-time (time) Time when file was created
name (string) Name of the file
package-architecture (string) Architecture that package is built for. Applies only to RadioOS ".npk" files.
package-built-time (string) Time when package was built. Applies only to RadioOS ".npk" files.
package-name (string) Name of the installable package that. Applies only to RadioOS ".npk" files.
package-version (string) version of the installable package that. Applies only to RadioOS ".npk" files.
size (integer) File size in bytes
file type (string) Type of the file. For folders file type is directory

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