GITEX Dubai: Safe Cities, Mobility Solutions, 10Gbps UNITY solutions and LTE networks

CableFree at Gitex 2015

Are you planning to visit GITEX in Dubai?  interested in Safe Cities, Mobility Solutions, 10Gbps UNITY solutions or LTE networks?     If so, please come and see CableFree: Wireless Excellence. We’re in Zabeel Hall, Stand Z-J52  exhibiting our complete range of wireless solutions:

CableFree Safe CityCableFree Safe Cities
Find out how to deploy CableFree Wireless for Safe Cities to enable Police, Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders, Port and Border Security to access critical real-time resources including CCTV, ANPR and Thermal Imaging to make modern cities safer.  CableFree connects Fixed, Temporary and Mobile CCTV cameras to enhance safety for Public, Services and First Responders.   Connect  mobile vehicles to centralised monitoring stations using CableFree Mobility.  CableFree Safe City Wireless solutions are Scalable and Future-proof, combining latest generation wireless technologies.  Create Resilient, Self-Healing City Wireless Networks to ensure maximum safety and security.  Ensure your network is Cost-effective solutions with Low CAPEX and Rapid Return on Investment.  Contact our expert team for advice:

CableFree Mobility WiFi LTECableFree Mobility
Do you need to connect to moving vehicles or platforms?  If so, no problem!  Use CableFree Mobility Solutions to extend CCTV and broadband connections to mobile vehicles including Police Cars, Emergency Responders, WiFi for Buses, Trains and Mass Transit Systems.   Enable Emergency Responders access to real-time video feeds and passengers to broadband internet via integrated in-vehicle secure WiFi Hotspots.  Create Secure mobile communication and networks.  Our team is delighted to advise:

CableFree UNITYCableFree UNITY
New for 2015:  CableFree UNITY platform offers wireless links up to 10Gbps capacity, uniquely combines diverse wireless technologies to extend range and all-weather reliability.  Connect further, faster, and with greater reliability and uptime.  Easy to install, fit&forget solutions.  CableFree innovation increases capacity, data rates, and ensures Scalable systems that can extend as you grow. Choose a Multi-Gigabit, Resilient, Self-Healing Network with CableFree:

CableFree LTECableFree LTE

New for 2015:  CableFree Emerald LTE range includes latest-generation High Power LTE-A Base stations and indoor & outdoor CPE devices, covering all current LTE bands with high capacity and low costs.  Create private LTE networks.  Upgrade older WiMAX network s to LTE for greater capacity and longer range.  Overlay existing 2G cellular networks with latest LTE technology for data.  Ideal for Mobility, Wireless ISP, Utilities, Emergency Services. Contact our expert team for advice: