5G Planning Tools for Operators

5G Planning Tools for CableFree 5G & LTE Networks

CableFree 4G 5G eNodeB LTE Base Station

CableFree offers a complete range of 5G planning tools to support customers using CableFree 5G & LTE Base Stations, Core Network and CPE devices, to aid 4G & 5G Deployments.  Our Complete Toolset for Planning 5G & LTE Networks includes:

  • 5G Coverage Tools
  • 5G Capacity Planning
  • 5G Network Dimensioning
  • 5G Throughput Calculators

Once the network is fully designed, customers can also consider using wide range of established 3rd-party 5G planning tools for deployment and optimisation

4G & 5G Coverage Planning Tools

CableFree 5G Planning Tools

Create coverage “heat maps” for 5G or 4G/LTE networks

  • Includes 5G Base Station & CPE RF parameters
  • Full RF modelling calculations
  • Includes global terrain map
  • Avoid “shadowing” and black spots
CableFree 5G coverage planning tools

Ideal for initial design work for

  • Choose best location for base sites
  • Analyse best coverage strategy
  • Ensure no “holes”
  • Enable “what if” design iteration
  • “Day 1” and “Fully Built” scenarios

Suite of 5G Capacity Planning Tools and Network Dimensioning

  • Essential to decide how many LTE Base Station Sectors to provide “day 1” and anticipated future coverage
  • Ideal for providing estimation of budget and business case for LTE:
    Throughput/subscriber & cost model

5G Network Dimensioning Calculator

CableFree 5G Network Dimensioning Tools

Calculates overall network capacity

Select :

  • Network size/area
  • Number of base stations
  • LTE modes (gives sector capacity)

Gives results for

  • Total network performance
  • Fixed + Mobile subscribers
  • Uplink and Downlink
  • Total Capacity + Contention Ratios

These tools are ideal for

  • Ideal for quick initial network design
  • Feeds into costing & business model

5G Capacity Calculator

CableFree Capacity Calculator Tool

Calculates per-sector capacity

Select :

  • FDD and TDD modes
  • Channel Widths up to 100MHz
  • UL/DL ratio for TDD
  • Modulation up to 256QAM

Gives results for

  • Uplink and Downlink
  • Aggregate capacity for 3 or more sectors for macro sites

Free 5G Design Consultancy Service from CableFree

If you’re considering deploying a Private or public 5G network, please contact our team.  We offer a free service for initial design, dimensioning and building business case for new-build 5G as well as 4G/LTE upgrades for new and existing operators.

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