CableFree FOR3 Microwave links for 17GHz Unlicensed Band

CableFree Microwave Antennas Single and Dual Polarity

High speed Microwave links in Unlicensed 17GHz Band:

CableFree FOR3 Microwave links are available in 17GHz Unlicensed Band as well as traditional licensed (4-26GHz) and unlicensed (5GHz, 24GHz) bands.  The CableFree FOR3 in 17GHz offers 400Mbps full duplex capacity with 1024QAM modulation, using standard channel plans.

CableFree FOR3 17GHz Microwave Link
CableFree FOR3 17GHz Microwave Link

Ideal for ISPs, Upgrading 5GHz Links, Avoiding Interference

CableFree FOR3 with 17GHz band is Ideal for ISP applications, Last Mile Links especially in areas with saturated 5GHz spectrum, urban, suburban and rural deployments.  17GHz is far more directional in signal propagation than lower frequency bands with typically just a few degrees of beamwidth.  This ensures no interference between co-located and densely deployed links.  Unlike 2.4 and 5GHz bands, there are no home WiFi or other similar devices using the 17GHz band, and also there are no “Point to Multipoint” widebeam or Omnidirectional radios polluting or saturating the band.
17GHz Microwave links are ideal for upgrading existing 5GHz backbone links: operators can escape congested bands.

Designed to operate in 17.10 – 17.30GHz, this link meets allocated ETSI channel plans for this band.  Featuring ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) the link will adapt automatically to link conditions to ensure maximum capacity, uptime and availability in all conditions.

The 17GHz version of CableFree FOR3 is fully shipping and available, a cost-effective platform with excellent performance, proven reliability and short leadtimes.
For other requirements the FOR3 range is available in bands from 3.5 to 26GHz, including unlicensed 5GHz and 24GHz, and capacities up to 880Mbps in 1+0 Configuration, and 1.76Gbps (1760Mbps) in 2+0 configuration.

CableFree FOR3 17GHz Microwave Link
CableFree FOR3 Microwave Link

Note: 17GHz is an unlicensed band only in some regions/countries.

Standard frequency band options for 17GHz FOR3 include:
17.10-17.15 / 17.20-17.25GHz,
17.15 -17.20/17.25 -17.30GHz
T-R 100MHz


CableFree FOR3 Microwave links are used in a wide range of applications including 4G/LTE Backhaul, Wireless ISPs, CCTV for Safe Cities, Police, Law Enforcement, Fire, Port and Border Security ANPR applications.
CableFree FOR3 can also be used as part of CableFree UNITY solutions along with MMW and other technologies to increase range, throughput and availability.
Microwave is an attractive alternative to fixed copper or fibre networks and leased lines. Wireless links can be installed at a tiny fraction of the cost of trenched or leased fibre, providing a rapid Return On Investment (ROI). Links can be rapidly deployed in a single day, rather than waiting weeks or months for fibre circuits. Microwave provides an ideal alternative resilient path to mission critical cabled links where outage could cause severe loss-of-revenue or operational disruption.

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