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CableFree Wireless LAN
CableFree Wireless LAN

Wireless Excellence is one of the UK’s leading WiFi wireless network design and implementation specialists. Our range of CableFree wireless network services and products contains the industries latest technologies to ensure you have the very best Wireless LAN available.

We have developed our own unique four step system to ensuring a wireless network out performs your every expectation:  Customer that follow our design and implementation processes enjoy excellence of wireless coverage throughout the life of the network.

Survey – Design – Implement – Survey


The initial WiFi survey is the most important part to get right when designing a wireless network.  If you do not perform an actual on-site physical RF survey then the wireless network can only be a best effort guess for coverage and capacity.  A few years ago you could get away without a WiFi survey as most networks were only designed for coverage.  However with the massive increase of laptops, smart phones and tablet devices that are brought into work it is not about providing coverage but about providing the right amount of capacity.  We use the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the RF coverage and capacity of your intended area and provide you with detailed documentation on all aspects of the survey.


A wireless design will follow the survey and will take into consideration the following items:

  • Coverage – Is coverage provided where it is needed
  • Capacity – Is there enough capacity to handle the amount of users
  • Security – Does the design allow for flexible security policies
  • Redundancy – Is the design clever enough to be fully redundant

The network design will have to take into account your existing network, existing network policy and future networks demands. The wireless network that we design for you will be scaleable for the future and provide you will the security that meets your business needs.


Our experienced wireless network installers will work with you to install your wireless network with little or no disruption to your business. We always aim to have no network down time or to slow company productivity whilst installing. We can perform on the job training for wireless network users and dedicated training for network engineers, empowering them to reliably manage your wireless network when we have completed our work.

Survey – Post Installation

Upon completion of the implementation phase we will perform a final wireless site survey so that we can check that the initial network design and your requirements have been achieved. Performing a wireless site survey at the end is something that is never thought about until problems arise weeks or months after completion. A post installation survey is the only way to prove that we have provided the coverage and capacity we originally designed for.

CableFree Wireless LAN
CableFree Wireless LAN

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