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Applies to RadioOS: v5, v6+


Standards: RFC 1661
Package: ppp

PPP Client

Sub-menu: /interface ppp-client


Property Description
add-default-route (yes | no; Default: no) Whether to add default route to forward all traffic over the tunnel.
allow (pap | chap | mschap1 | mschap2; Default: pap,chap,mschap1,mschap2) Allowed protocols to use for authentication
apn (string; Default: ) Service Provider's Access Point Name
comment (string; Default: ) Descriptive name of an item
data-channel (integer; Default: 0) Which of the port channels used for data transfer. Read more >>
default-route-distance (integer; Default: 1) Since v6.2, sets distance value applied to auto created default route, if add-default-route is also selected
dial-command (string; Default: "ATDT") AT dial command to use. The default one sets tone dialing mode.
dial-on-demand (yes | no; Default: no) Enable/disable dial on demand
disabled (yes | no; Default: yes) Whether interface is disabled or not. By default it is disabled.
info-channel (integer; Default: 0) Which of the port channels used for info. Read more >>
keepalive-timeout (integer [0..4294967295]; Default: 30s) PPP keepalive timeout in seconds.
max-mru (integer; Default: 1500) Maximum Receive Unit. Max packet size that PPP interface will be able to receive without packet fragmentation.
max-mtu (integer; Default: 1500) Maximum Transmission Unit. Max packet size that PPP interface will be able to send without packet fragmentation.
modem-init (string; Default: "") Modem init string
mrru (disabled | integer; Default: disabled) Maximum packet size that can be received on the link. If a packet is bigger than tunnel MTU, it will be split into multiple packets, allowing full size IP or Ethernet packets to be sent over the tunnel. Read more >>
name (string; Default: ) Descriptive name of the interface.
null-modem (yes | no; Default: no) Enable/disable null-modem mode (when enabled, no modem initialization strings are sent)
password (string; Default: "") Password used for authentication.
phone (string; Default: "") Phone number for dial out.
pin (string; Default: "") SIM Cards Pin code.
port (string; Default: "") Serial or USB Port name where modem is connected. Read more >>
profile (name; Default: default) Used PPP profile.
remote-address (IP Address; Default: ) Remote IP Address
use-peer-dns (yes | no; Default: yes) Use DNS server settings from the remote server
user (string; Default: ) User name used for authentication.

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