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Applies to RadioOS: v3, v4 +


This menu allows to configure system to reboot on kernel panic, when an IP address does not respond, or in case the system has locked up. Software watchdog timer is used to provide the last option, so in very rare cases (caused by hardware malfunction) it can lock up by itself. There is a hardware watchdog device available in all CableFree device PowerPC and Mipsbe models, which can reboot the system in any case.


Sub-menu: /system watchdog

Property Description
watch-address (IP; Default: none) The system will reboot in case 6 sequental pings to the given IP address (sent once per 10 seconds) will fail. If set to none this feature is disabled.
watchdog-timer (yes | no; Default: yes) Whether to reboot if system is unresponsive for a minute
no-ping-delay (time; Default: 5m) Specifies how long after reboot not to test and ping watch-address. The default setting means that if watch-address is set and is not reachable, the router will reboot about every 6 minutes.
automatic-supout (yes | no; Default: yes) When software failure happens, a file named "autosupout.rif" is generated automatically. The previous "autosupout.rif" file is renamed to "autosupout.old.rif"
auto-send-supout (yes | no; Default: no) After the support output file is automatically generated, it can be sent by email
send-email-from (string; Default: ) e-mail address to send the support output file from. If not set, the value set in /tool e-mail is used
send-email-to (string; Default: ) e-mail address to send the support output file to.
send-smtp-server (string; Default: ) SMTP server address to send the support output file through. If not set, the value set in /tool e-mail is used.

Basic examples

To make system generate a support output file and sent it automatically to throught the case of a software crash:

[admin@CableFree] system watchdog> set auto-send-supout=yes \
\... send-smtp-server=
[admin@CableFree] system watchdog> print
      watch-address: none
     watchdog-timer: yes
      no-ping-delay: 5m
   automatic-supout: yes
   auto-send-supout: yes
[admin@CableFree] system watchdog>

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