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Applies to RadioOS: 2.9, v3, v4 +


Sub-menu: /tool dns-update
Standards: RFC 2136, RFC 3007

Dynamic DNS Update Tool gives a way to keep domain name pointing to dynamic IP address. It works by sending domain name system update request to name server, which has a zone to be updated. Secure DNS updates are also supported.

The DNS update tool supports only one algorithm - hmac-md5. It's the only proposed algorithm for signing DNS messages.


Note: DNS update tool works only with BIND server, it will not work with DynDNS, EveryDNS or any other similar service. For these services other methods should be used. Read more >>


Property Description
address (IP; Default: ) Defines IP address associated with the domain name.
dns-server (IP; Default: ) DNS server to send update to.
key (string; Default: ) Authorization key to access the server.
key-name (string; Default: ) Authorization key name (like a username) to access the server.
name (string; Default: ) Name to attach with the IP address.
ttl (integer; Default: ) Time to live for the item (in seconds).
zone (string; Default: ) DNS zone where to update the domain name in.


Note: that the system clock time on your router can't differ from the DNS server's time more than 5 minutes. Otherwise the DNS server will ignore this request.


To tell DNS server to (re)associate mydomain name in the zone with IP address specifying that the name of the key is dns-update-key and the actual key is update:

[admin@CableFree] tool> dns-update dns-server= name=mydomain \
\... address= key-name=dns-update-key key=update

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