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Sub-menu: /tool ip-scan

IP Scan tool allows user to scan network based on some network prefix or by setting interface to listen to. Either way tool collects certain data from the network.


Property Description
address (string; Default: ) IP address of network device.
mac-address (string; Default: ) MAC address of network device.
time (integer in ms; Default: ) response time of seen network device when found
DNS (string; Default: ) DNS name of network device
SNMP (string; Default: ) SNMP name of the device
NET-BIOS (string; Default: ) NET-BIOS name of device if advertised by device

How to use

When using IP scan tool user must choose what it wants to scan for:

  • certain IPv4 prefix
tool will attempt to scan all the addreses or address set in address.
  • interface of the router
tool will attempt to listen to packets that are "passing by" and attempt to compile results when something is found

There is a possibility to set both but then results may be inconclusive

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