4G: LTE Base Stations

CableFree 4G LTE Base Station & EPC

Advanced 4G LTE-Advanced Base Station and EPC Infrastructure

CableFree LTE Base Station
CableFree LTE Base Station

CableFree is now shipping the Emerald range of  4G/LTE Base Stations and EPC products featuring advanced cellular technology.
Our range of advanced, carrier-grade LTE Base Station products includes:

  • LTE-A Base Stations
  • LTE Outdoor CPEs
  • LTE Indoor CPEs
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspots with LTE-Backhaul
  • Microwave and MMW Backhaul links for complete LTE-A network infrastructure

All of the the CableFree range of LTE products feature latest generation technology and upgradable features for future-proof networking and performance.

CableFree Emerald 4G LTE-Advanced Base Stations

CableFree 4G LTE solutions
CableFree 4G LTE Base Station & EPC Infrastructure

CableFree Emerald 4G/LTE Software Defined Base Stations with advanced features and “stand alone” capability for private networks. Our LTE BS technology offers LTE-A technology and transmit powers up to 2x 20W for high capacity, long range networking, and uses Software Defined Radio technology with easy upgrade to new features and high capacities.
CableFree offers EPC and other related infrastructure for complete LTE network solutions

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New Product Release!

CableFree LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH) with CPRI ports
CableFree LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH) with CPRI ports for Fibre Optic plus DC power connection

The CableFree 4G LTE Base Station includes Remote Radio Head (RRH) which typically feature 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO, which are located

CableFree 4G LTE CPE devices

CableFree offers a wide range of 4G/LTE CPE devices for indoor and outdoor applications, fixed, mobile and nomadic users, buildings and vehicles.  These CPE devices are fully 3GPP standards compliant and can be used with either CableFree LTE Base Station infrastructure or other brands or pre-existing 4G networks.

CableFree 4G LTE Infrastructure and Backhaul Networks

CableFree Backhaul links for LTE networks using a flexible mix of Microwave, Millimeter Wave (MMW), Free Space Optics (FSO) and AC-MIMO radio

Are you considering building a 4G LTE Network?

You’ll need access to spectrum.  Generally, 4G technology uses licensed frequencies and requires regional, national or customer-specific operator frequency licenses to operate.

CableFree Mobile WiFi hotspot products can use existing 4G operator networks and can use SIM cards and billing plans from those operators in order to provide bandwidth

For customers without access to LTE frequency bands or networks, we can suggest our other complimentary range of products which can operate in other licensed or unlicensed frequencies.

The CableFree range of LTE products are normally implemented by approved integrator partners on a project-specific basis to create a complete network solution.

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