Edge Compute Server for 5G Core & NMS

Advanced Edge Compute Server for 5G Core, EPC & Network Management

Range of compact x86 Edge Compute Servers for 5G Core & NMS

CableFree offers the a range of powerful Edge Compute Servers using x86 architecture ideal for implementing 5G Core, EPC and Network Management for 5G NR and 4G Networks using gNodeB 5G Base Stations.

CableFree Edge Compute 5G Core NMS

These powerful and flexible appliances are ideal for implementing any of:

  • 5G Cores for Private 5G networks
  • EPC Core for Private 4G networks
  • Network Management System (NMS) Servers
  • Edge Compute Applications including Artificial Intelligence (AI) network RAN controllers

The CableFree range of 5G wireless products feature latest generation technology, Software Defined Radio (SDR) enabling ease of upgrade of features and performance for future-proof networking and maximising value of infrastructure investment. This Edge Compute platform adds value in dramatically reducing cost, power and space requirements for Private Networks.

Advanced x86 Edge Compute Server Platform

Featuring advanced edge compute technology, these feature powerful x86 based CPU architecture with choice of Intel i5 or i7 CPU, choice of RAM and SSD/Flash storage, and have 6x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (2.5 GBE) ports. More powerful versions of the Edge Compute appliance exist with a larger form factor up to i9 CPU. The unit has advanced thermal management include air intake at front /warm air exit at rear to match modern rack / data centre requirements.

Power consumption is modest – typically 15-30W in use depending on load, to meet “green” deployment environmental and low energy cost objectives

The appliance is available in 1U standard height and 1/2 rack width, allowing installation of two units “side by side” within a 19″ rack mount deployments. For example, a 5G core could run on one unit, and the SNMP NMS server on the second, for a complete 5G-SA Private Network. A sample installation showing two units is here:

Optional Full-Outdoor versions are also available in weatherproof housings.

In a typical “Private 5G” installation, the 5G Core is installed on this unit, which can manage the user device database, traffic encryption and roaming between base stations/cells as well as terminating the user traffic onto a local Ethernet / LAN / connection, and via a router to the internet.

Product Features and Performance options

Various versions are offered including Intel i5 and i7 CPU options, RAM and Flash/SSD storage

The x86 Edge Compute Server has the following features:

Front panel: 6x 2.5GBE Ethernet ports, RJ45 connectors, DC power input connector

Rear Panel: Serial Console Port, 4x USB ports, HDMI port. Power on/off button, LED indicators

Edge Compute Server Photo Gallery

  • CableFree Edge Compute 5G Core NMS

Choice of Core and Operating system

CableFree offer a range of proven interoperable core software from trusted partners. Generally, this is supplied preinstalled and configured tested and operating.

Alternatively, the x86 Edge Compute server can be supplied “blank” for use with any chosen operating system. Options include Linux (Ubuntu, others) and even Windows can be installed.

Optional Support Services

Network Operators generally need suitable skills, training and support to implement a 4G or 5G network.  If you require a support contract from CableFree, please ask for a quotation.

For Further Information

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