OpenRAN (O-RAN) & V-RAN for 4G & 5G LTE

OpenRAN (O-RAN) & V-RAN for 4G & 5G LTE Networks

CableFree offers OpenRAN/O-RAN and V-RAN features for advanced 4G & 5G LTE networks

CableFree O-RAN & V-RAN 4G & 5G LTE Base Station RRU
CableFree O-RAN 4G & 5G Base Station RRU

CableFree offers O-RAN and V-RAN feature support on existing range of 4G & 5G Base Station products to support OpenRAN and V-RAN architecture for next-generation 4G & 5G networks featuring advanced cellular technology.
Our range of advanced, carrier-grade 4G & 5G 4G & 5G Base Station products for OpenRAN includes:

  • Macro Base Stations for 4G, 5G-NSA & 5G-SA connectivity
  • Small Cell Base Stations for 4G & 5G-NR
  • Associated Core & related Network Transmission products
  • Microwave and MMW Backhaul links for complete LTE or 5G OpenRAN network infrastructure

The CableFree range of 4G/5G/LTE products feature the latest generation technology and software-upgradable features for future-proof networking and performance.

CableFree 4G & 5G Base Station solutions for OpenRAN and V-RAN


CableFree is offering versions of 4G & 5G LTE Software Defined Base Stations with O-RAN 7.2 split radios for public as well as private 4G & 5G networks. Our BS solutions use latest RF technology with transmit powers up to 4x 40W for high capacity, long range networking, and uses Software Defined Radio technology with easy upgrade to new features and high capacities.
CableFree offers Core and other related infrastructure for complete 4G & 5G LTE network solutions

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The CableFree 4G/5G LTE Base Station includes Remote Radio Head (RRH) which typically feature 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO, which are co-located on the tower with the Sector Antennas.

CableFree O-RAN & V-RAN Base Station Specifications

CableFree is including support for OpenRAN (O-RAN) and V-RAN with the very latest 4G & 5G specifications, including:

  • 7.2 split (7.2B today, 7.2A coming soon)
  • Choice of Trusted Partner Ecosystem for CU, DU, RIC and more
  • 3 release 14/15/16 compliant: Supports 5G-NSA, 5G-SA and more
  • FDD and TDD configurations to support all common LTE bands
  • Bandwidths: 4G: 1.4, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20MHz,  5G: up to 50MHz and optionally higher
  • Multiple cells in intra-band or inter-band configurations
  • Transmission modes: 1 (single antenna) and 2 to 10 (MIMO 4×2)
  • HARQ support
  • Closed-loop UE power control
  • Frequency based MMSE equalizer
  • Highly optimized software turbo decoder
  • PAPR reduction support
  • Carrier Aggregation support with cross carrier scheduling (2-3 DL channels, up to potential 5 DL channels)
  • 256QAM DL support for PDSCH and MBMS
  • IPv6 support

Macro Sites and Microsite Base Station

CableFree O-RAN and V-RAN supports flexible deployment patterns, which can be varied to meet network demands

  • Typical macrosites have 3 or 6 Sectors
  • Micro sites could have 1 RRH with an Omnidirectional or Sector antenna,

Small Cell O-RAN & V-RAN Base Station 

CableFree Indoor OpenRAN 2x2 MIMO Radio with split 7.2 fronthaul interface
CableFree Indoor OpenRAN 2×2 MIMO Radio with split 7.2 fronthaul interface

In addition, CableFree offer Small Cell solutions are available with smaller form factor and lower transmit power levels of typically 500mW, 1W and up to 5W.    2×2 and 4×4 MIMO versions are offered, including dual 2×2 configurations.

Indoor Small cells allow implementation of OpenRAN networks indoors for office, factory, warehouse, industrial automation and other applications
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Unlicensed LTE (LTE-U) using OpenRAN

CableFree offers Band 46 5GHz LTE Base Station and Outdoor CPE devices for operation in Unlicensed 5GHz spectrum, enabling smaller operators and private customers to build LTE without requiring access to licensed spectrum.  Band 46 covers 5150 – 5925MHz and uses TDD-LTE technology.
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OpenRAN CU (Centralised Unit), DU (Distributed Unit) and RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller)

We work with partners do deliver complete solutions including RRU, DU, CU.  We have a programme of “Trusted, Proven Interoperable” partnerships to ease implementation speed of OpenRAN networks.  please note that OpenRAN technology is complex, and the industry uses “open interfaces” but is not “plug and play” today.

Optionally, we can run “DU on Radio” which is ideal for certain applications where there’s no room for DU physical devices to be located near the radio.

Some partners offer RIC which enables greater feature set, control and monitoring to the OpenRAN network.

Internet of Things (IoT)

CableFree 4G & 5G LTE base stations already support NB-IoT release 14 compliant standards, to enable connection of IoT devices to a CableFree LTE base station.

  • Single-tone and multi-tone category NB1 UE support
  • 15 kHz and 3.75 kHz subcarrier spacing are supported
  • All operation modes (in-band, guard band and standalone) are supported
  • Multiple NB-IoT and LTE cells can be used at the same time in the same eNodeB

CableFree LTE Base Station Gallery

CableFree Open RAN Remote Radio Unit (RRU) – also called O-RU – are based on our rich technology portfolio and are available in multiple frequency band and power options. Some sample pictures here:

CableFree 4G & 5G OpenRAN & V-RAN Backhaul Infrastructure

CableFree Backhaul links for LTE networks using a flexible mix of 4-8Gbps Microwave, 10-20Gbps Millimeter Wave (MMW), Free Space Optics (FSO) and AC-MIMO radio

Are you considering building a 4G or 5G LTE Network?

You’ll need access to spectrum.  Generally, 4G & 5G technology uses licensed frequencies and requires regional, national or customer-specific operator frequency licenses to operate.  LTE works in frequencies from 450MHz up to 3800MHz (3.8GHz).  Options for Unlicensed LTE-U (5GHz band) are available.

CableFree Mobile WiFi hotspot products can use existing 4G operator networks and can use SIM cards and billing plans from those operators in order to provide bandwidth

For customers without access to LTE frequency bands or networks, we can suggest our other complimentary range of products which can operate in other licensed or unlicensed frequencies.

Installing and Operating CableFree 4G & 5G O-RAN Networks

The CableFree range of 4G/5G/LTE products for OpenRAN are normally implemented by approved integrator partners on a project-specific basis to create a complete network solution.

For Further Information

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