CableFree USB 4G LTE CPE devices

Introducing the CableFree range of 4G/LTE CPE Devices

The CableFree range of LTE CPE devices includes indoor USB and outdoor devices to allow operators to construct LTE networks to meet a wide range of user and application requirements.  Outdoor CPEs are ideal to connect fixed locations, residential and business customers with “xDSL” replacement for rural broadband and also resilience for existing copper and fibre leased lines.

4G LTE USB and Wingle Devices

CableFree LTE Wingle USB Dongle CPE

CableFree LTE Wingle Dongle CPE Device

CableFree Mobile USB 4G LTE Dongles and WiFi-enabled Wingle devices are ideal for mobile users and laptops which do not already include onboard LTE functions.  Customisable versions can include operator branding and other features.

The WINGLE devices have WiFi as well as direct connection functionality

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CableFree USB 4G CPE Wingle Device
CableFree USB 4G CPE Wingle Device

CableFree USB LTE CPE devices are ideal for residential and small business customer applications for home and small offices.  They can be sent direct to the customer and simply plugged into desktop PCs or laptops computers , with appropriate SIM card inserted, to create a  fast broadband connection direct to the user device.  A simple-to-use software application enables ease of monitoring usage and user technical support for the operator.

A complete range LTE Solutions

CableFree USB 4G CPE Device
CableFree USB 4G CPE Device

The CableFree range of LTE devices includes:

  • LTE Base Stations – Macro Site and Small Cell Solutions
  • LTE EPC and Core Infrastructure
  • Indoor Desktop CPEs
  • Outdoor Fixed CPEs
  • Handheld MiFi devices
  • USB dongle devices for Laptops, Desktop PC and Tablets
  • Full range of LTE deployment Planning Tools for Network Dimensioning and Design

Please Contact Us if you are planning an LTE network or are looking for devices to extend or connect to an existing 4G network

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