CableFree Mobility Solutions

Do you need to connect to moving vehicles or platforms?
If so, no problem: CableFree has a complete range of Mobility solutions which can be customised for your exact application

CableFree Wireless Mobility Solutions
CableFree Wireless Mobility Solutions

Use CableFree Wireless Solutions to extend CCTV and broadband connections to mobile vehicles including:

  • Police Cars
  • Port & Customs Authorities
  • Emergency Responders
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Mass Transit Systems

Applications for CableFree Mobility

CableFree Mobility TowerThere are many applications for CableFree Mobility.

  • Enable Emergency Responders access to real-time video feeds via integrated in-vehicle secure WiFi Hotspots.
  • Transmit moving or still CCTV images to police offices to identify suspects, manage crowd control or disruptive behaviour
  • Allow Emergency Teams to access centralised databases remotely
  • Access distributed resources to enable First Responders to make real-time decisions with detailed information available.
  • Enable Passengers on mass transit systems to browse broadband internet via onboard WiFi

CableFree Mobility Wireless Technologies

CableFree FSO Mobility F1 Formular 1CableFree Mobility Solutions use the latest in Broadband Radio technology including 4G/LTE, MIMO OFDM Radio and 802.11ac WiFi, with advanced IP networking features including P2P, P2MP and Mesh topologies.

CableFree Mobility Solutions are custom-designed to meet precise customer requirements, and available resources and restrictions including licensed or unlicensed frequency bands

Proven Track Record for Wireless Worldwide

CableFree products are field-proven, with thousands of deployments in over 70 countries since 1997. Excellence in performance and reliability are not sacrificed in providing highly competitive priced solutions together with a comprehensive range of support services.

Create Secure Mobile Communication Networks

Please contact our expert team who can guide you and design a custom Wireless Solution for your precise requirements

A CableFree Mobility solution offers the following features and benefits:

High performance: Gigabit Ethernet (1.25Gbps) capacity using FSO, 10Gbps MMW, 3Gbps Microwave, 550Mbps using Radio links, 100Mbps+ using LTE
Rapid Installation: 15 minutes deployable on tripods, 3 hours permanent installation is achievable
Highly reliable: 99.999% availability achievable
License-Free Operation: No fees to pay on license free band
No monthly rental fee: Low maintenance solution
Diverse Technology Options: Complete range of FSO, Broadband Radio, Microwave, MMW, WiFi
Fully Manageable: Advanced software tools
Resilient solutions: 1+1 and N+1 Hybrid resilient link options
Highly Secure: Proven inherently secure technologies
Moveable asset: Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)
Safe & environmentally friendly: Low disruption during installation

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