LTE S5/S8 Interface: Between the S-GW and P-GW

LTE S5/S8 Interface – Interfaces between the S-GW and P-GW

Explaining the S5/S8 Interface in LTE:

S5/S8 – This is the interface between the S-GW and P-GW. In principle S5 and S8 is the same interface, the difference being that S8 is used when roaming between different operators while S5 is network internal.

The S5/S8 interface is used within the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for LTE.

CableFree LTE Evolved Packet Core
CableFree LTE Evolved Packet Core

The S5/S8 Interface

The S5 / S8 interface will exist in two flavours one based on Gn/GTP (SGSN-GGSN) and the other will use the IETF specified Proxy Mobile IP (PMIP) for mobility control with additional mechanism to handle QoS.

The motivation for the PMIP flavour of S5/S8 has mainly come from WiMAX/CDMA2000 operators and vendors interested in inter-working with E-UTRAN, GERAN or UTRAN, or re-using the 3GPP EPS specified mechanism also for intra WiMAX / CDMA2000 mobility.

It has been agreed in 3GPP that the usage of PMIP or GTP on S5 and S8 should not impact RAN behaviour or impact the terminals.

The usage of PMIP or GTP on S5/S8 will not be visible over the S1 interface or in the terminal. In the non roaming case, the S-GW and P-GW functions can be performed in one physical node.

S5/S8 is a many-to-many interface.

S5 interface

It provides user plane tunnelling and tunnel management between Serving GW and PDN GW. It is used for Serving GW relocation due to UE mobility and if the Serving GW needs to connect to a non-collocated PDN GW for the required PDN connectivity.

S8 Interface:

Inter-PLMN reference point providing user and control plane between the Serving GW in the VPLMN and the PDN GW in the HPLMN. S8 is the inter PLMN variant of S5.

CableFree LTE

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CableFree LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH) with CPRI ports
CableFree LTE Base Station Remote Radio Head (RRH) with CPRI ports

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