WiMax to LTE Technology Upgrade

Upgrade WiMax to LTE
Upgrade Path to LTE

Wireless Excellence is upgrading WiMax Networks using the 802.16d/e standards operated by ISP and telecom customers to a range of high performance, carrier-class 4G/LTE platforms for point-to-multipoint distribution and point-to-point networks operating in 2.2-3.8GHz licensed spectrum.

The CableFree replacement programme is intended to preserve and enhance service for operators who want to continue offering service to customers with a future-proof LTE platform.

Technology Summary:

  • Older technology for Point to Multipoint
  • Deployed by ISPs in some countries as “last mile technology” for residential and business broadband alternative to Copper and Fibre Optic leased lines
  • Operates in 2.2-3.8GHz spectrum
  • Operates in Licensed frequency bands
  • 802.16-2004 fixed  standard
  • 802.16e mobile standard
  • Integrated High Gain antennas for maximum performance
  • All-outdoor ruggesd Base Station and CPE
  • Power-over-Ethernet for all units
  • High Performance, Flexible Low cost solution

Why Upgrade WiMax to LTE ?

WiMax to LTE upgrade
WiMax to LTE replacement

WiMax is no longer supported – by chipset and system vendors.  Existing WiMax networks have to be updated to modern technology or the networks will go “dark” as infrastructure fails and cannot be replaced with replacement  equipment.m  This dilemma has to be solved now – or operators face loss of customers, revenue and a non-viable business model
LTE offers the perfect upgrade to path:

  • Uses Same Spectrum bands & Frequency Plan
  • Operates in 450MHz to 3.8GHz bands
  • No change to operator license required from Government or regulator.
  • Avoid painful or messy loss of spectrum or business
  • Preserve and grow your customer base
  • Offers far higher spectral efficiency and capacity
  • Future-proof, scalable LTE platform with up to 1Gbps per sector and beyond
  • LTE is defined by the 3GPP standards group: the future of mobile broadband
  • Ideal for fixed or mobile subscriber terminals
  • Dual-mode WiMax/LTE CPE devices offer painless and seamless transition

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CableFree LTE-A Base StationFor More Information on CableFree WiMax to LTE Upgrade Path, please Contact Us and our team will be delighted to advise on a precise solution to match your exact requirements.