4G & 5G LTE Base Station

CableFree 4G & 5G LTE Base Station & EPC

Advanced 4G & 5G LTE-Advanced Base Station and EPC Infrastructure

CableFree 4G 5G LTE Base Station RRH

CableFree offers the Emerald range of  4G & 5G LTE Base Station and core EPC products featuring advanced cellular technology.
Our range of advanced, carrier-grade 4G & 5G LTE Base Station products includes:

  • Macro Base Stations for 4G & 5G connectivity
  • Small Cell Base Stations for 4G & 5G-NR
  • LTE Outdoor CPEs
  • LTE Indoor CPEs
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspots with LTE-Backhaul
  • Microwave and MMW Backhaul links for complete LTE-A network infrastructure

All of the the CableFree range of LTE products feature latest generation technology and upgradable features for future-proof networking and performance.

CableFree Emerald 4G & 5G LTE-Advanced Base Stations