5G NR gNodeB base Stations

CableFree 5G NR gNodeB Base Station

Advanced 5G Base Stations – 5G-NR gNodeB – are ideal for modern 5G Wireless Networks

CableFree offers the Emerald range of  5G NR gNodeB 5G Base Stations and related products featuring advanced cellular wireless technology.
Our range of advanced, carrier-grade 5G Base Station products includes:

  • 5G-NR gNodeB (gNb) Base Stations for 5G-SA and 5G-NSA connectivity
  • 4G Connectivity for NSA (Non Standalone) modes
  • Software-Defined Radio capable of easy upgrade to 5G-SA (Standalone) modes
  • CPE devices
  • High Capacity Microwave and Millimeter Wave (MMW) Backhaul links for complete 5G network infrastructure

The CableFree range of 5G gNodeB wireless base station products feature latest generation technology, Software Defined Radio (SDR) enabling ease of upgrade of features and performance for future-proof networking and maximising value of infrastructure investment.

5G-NR gNodeB BaseBand Unit (BBU)

CableFree gNodeB 5G-NSA NR Base Station - Baseband Unit
CableFree 5G-NSA NR Base Station – Baseband Unit

Featuring advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology to create gNodeB 5G Base Station functions, the 5G Baseband connects to Remote Radio Heads (RRH) via CPRI fibre optic connections. The Baseband Unit features 4x CPRI ports as standard, and Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) ports. More powerful versions of the 5G Baseband feature 10Gigabit (10GBE) ports for highest capacity. The Baseband is available in 1U standard and 3U enhanced versions for indoor 19″ rack mount deployments. Optional Full-Outdoor versions are available.

5G-NR gNodeB 5G Base Station Remote Radio Unit (RRU)

CableFree 5G 5G LTE Base Station RRH
CableFree 5G-NR Remote Radio Head (RRH)

A complete range of Remote Radio Units (RRU) are available for 5G-NR 5G Base Station applications in Frequency Range 1 (sub-6GHz) bands. CableFree RRU’s are available today in 2×2, 4×4 MIMO, optional 8×8 and in future Massive MIMO RF interfaces, and covering all defined frequency bands from 400MHz up to 6000MHz.
Includes FDD and TDD options to match 3GPP band definitions
CableFree RRU’s are optimised to work with CableFree Baseband Units (BBU)

5G-NR Small Cells

CableFree 4G and 5G Small Cell – Outdoor Version

CableFree offers a range of 5G Small Cells which include Baseband and RF functions in a single compact units. Available in Outdoor and Indoor versions and in versions to cover all FR1 frequency range for 5G. Offers Fibre Optic (SFP) and Copper RJ45 ports for connection direct to customer networks.
Outdoor Small Cells can be deployed for outdoor coverage on poles, masts or buildings
Indoor Small Cells can be deployed inside buildings, factories, warehouses and office spaces to provide network coverage

Seamless Upgrade Path to future-proof networks

The use of advanced SDR enables a seamless migration from today’s 4G LTE network to an initial 5G NSA implementation (4G eNodeB plus 5G-NSA gNodeB combined on each site) to a pure 5G Stand-Alone (SA) network using 5G NR radios only. This roadmap capability is unique in the cellular industry, and preserves operator investment in hardware, equipment and installation time.

Product Features and Performance options

Please check carefully with CableFree Technical Support that the specific combinations of frequency, bandwidth, modulation, power, range and capacity you desire are available before confirming any orders.  The advanced reconfigurable technology used in CableFree 4G & 5G base stations is highly flexible but due to the complex nature of 5G technology certain combinations of bands and modes may require extra hardware, software, support, may have certain restrictions in use or in very unusual cases be unavailable.  We will be very happy to advise on most suitable configurations to ensure you have the best performing network available.

Please note that available operating distances/ranges depend on RF environment, antennas, regulatory limits (EIRP), frequency and interference planning, and TDD timing modes. Please clarify before ordering which modes you intend using with your network.  Additional modes needed later may require additional software or support.

Installing and Operating CableFree 5G

The CableFree range of LTE products are normally implemented by approved integrator partners on a project-specific basis to create a complete network solution.  4G and 5G base station infrastructure are complex and require detailed configuration to operate.

Operators generally need suitable skills, training and support to implement a 4G or 5G network.  If you require a support contract from CableFree, please ask for a quotation.

5G Spectrum: Frequency Bands

Frequency bands for 5G NR and 5G Base Stations are being separated into two different frequency ranges:

  • Frequency Range 1 (FR1) includes sub-6GHz frequency bands, some of which are bands traditionally used by previous standards, but has been extended to cover potential new spectrum offerings from 410 MHz to 7125 MHz.
  • Frequency Range 2 (FR2) includes frequency bands from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz. Bands in this millimeter wave range have shorter range but higher available bandwidth than bands in the FR1

Sector Antennas for 5G Base stations

CableFree offers a range of Sector Antennas along with the range of 5G Base Stations. These are available in various options of Gain, MIMO (2×2, 4×4), and frequency band

CableFree Sector Antenna for 3800-4200MHz, 5G Band n77, 2×2 MIMO
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

CableFree Sector Antenna for 1695-2690 MHz, 4 port antenna, Dual 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO
CableFree CFDA-18NX2RE-65F-01 Gain 18dBi nominal
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

CableFree Sector Antenna for 1695-2690 MHz, 2 port antenna, 2×2 MIMO
CableFree CFDA-19NX1RE-65F-01 Gain 19dBi nominal
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

CableFree Sector Antenna for 698-960MHz, 2 port antenna, 2×2 MIMO
CableFree CFDA-15BRE-65F-01 Gain 15dBi nominal
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

CableFree Small Cell Sector Antenna for 698-960/1710-4200MHz, 2×2 MIMO
CF0642D15S-XP Gain 5-15dBi, 80-25 degree beamwidth
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

Other sector antennas are available for the full range of 5G bands – please contact us for information

High Gain Antennas for CPE devices

CableFree Parabolic Antenna for 3800-4200MHz, 5G Band n77, 2×2 MIMO, 40cm diameter
PDF Datasheet: Contact Us For More Information

Evolution of Cellular Technology

The new radio access technology for 5G is called “NR” and replaces “LTE”, and the new base station is called gNB (or gNodeB), and replaces the eNB (or eNodeB or Evolved Node B).

GenerationRadio TechnologyBase Station Name
2GGSMBTS (Base Transceiver Station)
4GLTEeNB, Evolved NodeB
5GNRgNB, gNodeB

For Further Information

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