5G: CableFree Network In A Box

Advanced CableFree Network In A Box

CableFree 5G Network In A Box is a highly customisable and flexible solution for mobile and temporary offers a complete range of 5G NR & LTE products featuring advanced cellular technology.

Ideal for Public 5G as well as Private 5G networks, featuring latest 3GPP standard support, CableFree 5G is ideal for Mobility as well as Fixed Rural Broadband applications, as well as Safe City, Mobility, Automation and Security applications.   The Network In A Box solution neatly packages together CableFree radio and core elements

CableFree 5G “Network In A Box”

CableFree 5G Network In A Box
CableFree 5G Network In A Box

CableFree offers “Network In A Box” customised solutions which can be tailored to exact operational need

Example shown is 2U Flight Case, with choice of 2×2 or 4×4 radio,

The solution has many customisable features:

  • CableFree 4G/5G Small Cell
  • 4G EPC/5G Core onboard – choice of core software
  • Integrated powerful edge-compute server
  • Full range of bands and power levels available
  • Outdoor & Indoor coverage
  • Ruggedised Flight Case (2U shown)

4G & 5G Core Networks

Integrated into the Network In A Box, CableFree offers 5G Core and related infrastructure for complete 5G-SA and 5G-NSA network solutions.  Standard and Micro cores are available, or full Carrier-Grade Cores from our trusted proven partners.
The Network In A Box includes a powerful Edge Compute server device to run the 5G / EPC cores on, as well as our Network Management System (NMS) server.

Photo Gallery (2U Flight Case Version)

Flexible choice of Antennas

We offer a complete range of antennas for our 5G base stations including Canister, Omni, Whip, Sector and Flat Panel directional.

We offer design consultancy and support to ensure you select the best antenna for your application

SIM cards for Private Cellular Networks

CableFree SIM card for Private 4G or 5G networks
CableFree SIM card for Private 4G or 5G networks

CableFree offers a range of SIM cards ideal for private cellular networks.   These SIM cards come with a database suitable for import into user database on your core.

Optionally, we can provide branded SIM cards with your chosen logo and data ranges for either private networks or even operator networks.  Ideal for smaller operators, ISPs and other types of networks

Network Management System (NMS)

CableFree 5G NMS Network Management

CableFree 5G radios feature advanced NMS with HTTP/browser, SSH, Web Sockets and SNMP management.  We offer an optional SNMP management server which can be installed either as a Virtual Machine (VM) or preinstalled on dedicated x86 server hardware. Alternatively, you can use pre-existing/preferred SNMP management servers and add the CableFree 5G MIB for monitoring the CableFree RAN / radio network

Software Upgradable from 4G

CableFree 5G gNodeB base stations can be software-upgraded from an existing CableFree 4G LTE base station, (providing in the same frequency band) significantly preserving investment in infrastructure capital expenditure (CapEx).   Also macro networks can be upgraded from 4G to 5G-NSA or 5G-SA with smooth update path.

OpenRAN options

We also have options for OpenRAN for private and public networks – please contact us for more information on our O-RAN solutions.

For Further Information

Please Contact Us for more information on our exciting range of solutions using 5G LTE technology