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Solutions: Formula One and Sporting Events

CableFree FSO links are used extensively by Formula One racing teams at F1 sporting events as a mobile solution for instant, reliable wireless trackside communications at races worldwide. With exceptional demands for performance and reliability, Formula One teams require best-in-class equipment to support the race teams which have adopted the Cablefree system already download telemetry data from each of their cars as they enter the pits, via a low-bandwidth radio pick-up, usually mounted on the pit wall. The cars typically have whip aerials mounted on the front of the vehicle transmitting the data continuously.

High-capacity, highly reliable & low cost of ownership

CableFree solves the problem for F1 Sporting events with high-capacity, highly reliable wireless solutions with low cost of ownership.
CableFree products offer up to 10 Gigabit capacity throughput and are installed in hours, not weeks.

CableFree FSO used in F1 racing sporting events

A CableFree solution offers the following features and benefits:

High performance: Gigabit Ethernet (1.25Gbps) capacity using FSO, 10Gbps MMW,  3Gbps Microwave, 550Mbps using Radio links
Rapid Installation: 15 minutes deployable on tripods, 3 hours permanent installation is achievable
Highly reliable: 99.999% availability achievable
License-Free Operation: No fees to pay on license free band
No monthly rental fee: Low maintenance solution
Diverse Technology Options: Complete range of FSO, Broadband Radio, Microwave, MMW, WiFi
Fully Manageable: Advanced software tools
Resilient solutions: 1+1 and N+1 Hybrid resilient link options
Highly Secure: Proven inherently secure technologies
Moveable asset: Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO)
Safe & environmentally friendly: Low disruption during installation

Proven Track Record for Wireless Worldwide

CableFree products are field-proven, with thousands of deployments in over 70 countries since 1997. Excellence in performance and reliability are not sacrificed in providing highly competitive priced solutions together with a comprehensive range of support services.

Application Note

Case Study – Formula One

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