LTE S10 Interface

LTE S10 Interface –  Control Interface between the MMEs

Explaining the S10 Interface in LTE:

S10 – This is a control interface between the MMEs which will be very similar to the S3 interface between the SGSN and MME. The interface is based on Gn/GTP-C (SGSNSGSN) with additional functionality.

S10 is a many-to-many interface.

The S10 interface is used within the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for LTE.

CableFree LTE Evolved Packet Core
CableFree LTE Evolved Packet Core

The S10 Interface

• Interface between different MMEs
• Used during inter-MME tracking area updates (TAU) and handovers
• Inter-MME TAU: The new MME can contact the old MME the user had been registered before to retrieve data about identity (IMSI), security information (security context, authentication vectors) and active SAE bearers (PDN gateways to contact, QoS, etc.)
• Obviously S10 is a pure signaling interface, no user data runs on it.

CableFree LTE

The CableFree LTE platform is complete and includes Base Station, EnodeB, Remote Radio Head (RRH), Base Band (BB) RF Controller, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and CPE devices to build complete 4G LTE networks.  Features latest LTE technology releases, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Please ask for details!

CableFree 5G 5G LTE Base Station RRH
CableFree 5G-NR Remote Radio Head (RRH)

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