5G: CableFree Radios for Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites

CableFree 5G Radios for Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites Connectivity


Holiday parks and caravan sites often face the challenge of providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to guests in remote and outdoor locations. Traditional solutions like WiFi and fiber optic cables may be impractical or costly in such environments. CableFree 5G radios offer a compelling alternative, providing significant capacity, coverage, and cost benefits for connecting holiday parks and caravan sites. This application note explores how CableFree 5G radios can address these challenges.

CableFree 5G for Caravan Sites and Holiday Parks

1. CableFree 5G Radios Overview

CableFree 5G radios are wireless communication devices that leverage the latest 5G technology to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity. They operate in the millimeter-wave frequency bands, offering multi-gigabit data rates and low latency. These radios can be easily deployed in a point-to-point (P2P) or point-to-multipoint (P2MP) configuration to cover large areas, making them ideal for holiday parks and caravan sites.

2. Capacity Benefits

CableFree 5G Small Cell used in Ports and Docks Applications
CableFree 5G Small Cell used in Ports and Docks Applications

High Data Throughput

CableFree 5G radios provide substantial capacity, enabling multiple users to stream content, make video calls, and use bandwidth-intensive applications simultaneously. This high data throughput is essential for meeting the demands of modern guests who expect seamless online experiences.


The capacity of CableFree 5G radios can be easily scaled to accommodate more users and devices as needed. This scalability ensures that holiday parks and caravan sites can adapt to increasing connectivity requirements without a significant infrastructure overhaul.

3. Coverage Benefits

Wide Area Coverage

CableFree 5G radios offer extensive coverage, even in challenging terrains. They can bridge long distances, reaching remote areas within the park or site where laying fiber optic cables would be impractical or costly.

Line-of-Sight Not Always Required

While line-of-sight (LOS) is beneficial for optimal performance, CableFree 5G radios can operate effectively in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions, making them suitable for locations with trees, buildings, and other obstacles that can impede LOS connectivity.

4. Cost Benefits for Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Deploying fiber optic cables across a holiday park or caravan site can be prohibitively expensive. CableFree 5G radios eliminate the need for extensive trenching and cabling, resulting in significant cost savings during installation.

Lower Maintenance Costs

CableFree 5G radios require minimal maintenance compared to traditional wired solutions. This reduces ongoing operational costs, making them a cost-effective choice over the long term.

Rapid Deployment

The quick and straightforward deployment of CableFree 5G radios means that holiday parks and caravan sites can offer high-speed internet connectivity to guests sooner, enhancing their overall experience.

Wireless Backhaul Options

Use CableFree radios (60GHz MMW, Microwave, MIMO radio) for backhaul between sites to remove need for fibre optics

5. Comparison with WiFi

CableFree 5G for Caravan Sites and Holiday Parks

While WiFi remains a common choice for providing internet access in such locations, CableFree 5G radios offer distinct advantages:

  • Capacity: CableFree 5G radios provide significantly higher capacity, reducing the risk of network congestion during peak usage times.
  • Coverage: 5G radios cover a more extensive area, ensuring that guests throughout the park or site can access a reliable connection.
  • Interference: WiFi networks are susceptible to interference from neighboring networks, while 5G radios operate in dedicated frequency bands, minimizing interference.
  • Scalability: Scaling WiFi networks can be complex and costly, whereas CableFree 5G radios offer straightforward scalability.

6. Conclusion: 5G for Holiday Parks and Caravan Sites

CableFree 5G radios are a versatile and cost-effective solution for connecting holiday parks and caravan sites. Their high capacity, extensive coverage, and lower infrastructure costs make them an attractive option compared to WiFi and fiber optic cables. By choosing CableFree 5G radios, holiday parks and caravan sites can provide guests with the fast and reliable internet connectivity they expect, enhancing the overall guest experience and potentially increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Proven Wireless Performance Worldwide

CableFree Wireless products are field-proven, with thousands of deployments in over 80 countries since 1996. Excellence in performance and reliability are ensured providing highly competitive solutions together with a comprehensive range of support services.

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