4G: LTE CPE Devices

CableFree range of 4G/LTE CPEs

The CableFree range of LTE CPE devices includes indoor and outdoor devices to allow operators to construct LTE networks to meet a wide range of user and application requirements.  Outdoor CPEs are ideal to connect fixed locations, residential and business customers with “xDSL” replacement for rural broadband and also resilience for existing copper and fibre leased lines.
CPE devices are available with CAT3 up to CAT12 performance and advanced features.

CableFree Outdoor 4G LTE CPE devices

CableFree High Gain Outdoor 4G LTE CPE
CableFree 4G Outdoor CPE

CableFree 4G LTE Outdoor CPE devices are weather-proof All-Outdoor Units with high gain directional antennas designed to connect over long distances to LTE base stations. A choice of antenna sizes are offered for standard and high gain. The CPEs include integrated IP bridge/router and Power-over-Ethernet technology, to provide long range coverage and connectivity to the LTE base stations.

The CPEs include Layer 3 routing features and advanced management features to ensure that large networks can be easily managed and provisioned.

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CableFree Enterprise 4G LTE CPE devices