Microwave Planning for Radio Links

Microwave Planning for CableFree Radios

A wide range of Microwave Link Design Tools are available to assist with design of your wireless network.  The tools cover RF design of our range of CableFree Radio, Microwave, Free Space Optics (FSO), Millimeter Wave (MMW), 4G & 5G LTE and WiFi products.

Wireless Planning Tools

An example of a microwave link design tool is shown here, including link budget and topological Line of Sight and Fresnel Zone calculations:

CableFree Microwave Network Design
CableFree Microwave Network Design

Microwave Planning software for Link Design

RadioMobile is a widely-available software package which can be used for Microwave Link design, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights.

Radio Link Planning functions

For Microwave Link Design, the software package can be configured with the characteristics of your required radio links.

  • Transmit Power
  • Frequency
  • Antenna Gain
  • Receiver Sensitivity
  • Antenna heights
  • System losses
CableFree RadioMobile Microwave Link Planning 60GHz example
CableFree Microwave Link Design 60GHz example

Link Budget & Fade Margins

The software enables quick and rapid calculation of link budget and fade margins for any frequency band.

Terrain Database

The software uses the freely available SRTM terrain data which can download “on demand” for calculation of terrain heights.  Combined with LandCover, this enables estimation of trees/forests also.

Line of Sight

The software uses the terrain database to allows quick establishment of available Line of Sight and “what if” adjustment of antenna/tower heights in a microwave radio network design

Radio Fresnel Zone

RadioMobile automatically calculates the Fresnel Zone for any required link, with graphical display enabling quick feasibility and identification of any obstacles to be noted.

Radio Parameters & Network Properties

Any new user to Radio Mobile will have to enter link parameters for the chosen equipment.  This includes transmit power, receive sensitivity and antenna gains.  CableFree includes this data as a planning service with our products.

Unit Properties

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