10.5GHz MIMO Radios

CableFree 10.5GHz MIMO OFDM Radios

CableFree offers a range of radios for the 10.5GHz licensed bands including Point to Point (P2P) and Point to Multipoint (P2MP) high performance radios with up to 300Mbps 2×2 MIMO OFDM radio operating in the 10.1-10.6GHz licensed bands.    Directional Point to Point and Sector antennas are available for Point to Point and Point to Multipoint applications.  For other bands, versions for 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz, 5GHz and up to 6.4GHz are optionally available also.

CableFree MIMO radios for 10.5GHz Band
CableFree MIMO radios for 10.5GHz Band

MIMO OFDM Technology

The CableFree 10.5GHz range of radios use MIMO OFDM technology to offer excellent quality of wireless connectivity in 10.5GHz licensed spectrum bands.  The MIMO OFDM radios can be software configured as Master (Base Station), Slave (Client site) or Point to Point modes giving great flexibility of deployment.

CableFree 10.5GHz MIMO Radio Products

CableFree HPR-MIMO: Connectorised 10.5GHz MIMO radios
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The following topologies are fully supported with CableFree MIMO OFDM radios, which gives superior flexibility in network implementation:

  • Point to Point (P2P, PTP)
  • Point to Multipoint (P2MP, PTMP)
  • Mesh (Long and short range Mesh capability)

MIMO Radio Antennas for 10.5GHz (10.1-10.6GHz)

CableFree 10.5GHz Parabolic Antenna 67cm diameter
CableFree 10.5GHz Parabolic Antenna 67cm diameter

10.5GHz Parabolic antennas:

  • High Gain 10.5GHz Parabolic 27dBi (35cm)
  • High Gain 10.5GHz Parabolic 35dBi (67cm)

These antennas are suitable either for Point to Point links, or for client site antennas for Point to Multipoint applications.

Longer range links can be implemented using the larger antennas.

Conversely, shorter links use the smaller antennas.

10.5GHz Sector Antennas

CableFree 10.5GHz Radio connected to 13dBi Sector Antenna
CableFree 10.5GHz Radio connected to 13dBi Sector Antenna

  • MIMO 2×2 Sector Antennas (13dBi, 90 degrees, 10.1GHz up to 10.6GHz)

This sector antenna is shown here attached directly by waveguide to a CableFree 10.5GHz radio.

(Note: pole mounting bracket is not shown)

Picture Gallery

Please find here a gallery showing the CableFree 10.5GHz radios

The 67cm Parabolic Antenna and Sector Antenna are shown

Comparison of 10.5GHz MIMO OFDM and 10.5GHz Microwave Technology

CableFree offers solutions for 10,5GHz in both MIMO OFDM and FOR3 Microwave ranges.  These differ in several ways:

  • Microwave is optimised for Point to Point only, longer range, Clear LOS, FDD Full Duplex Channel Plan.  Conversely:
  • MIMO OFDM radios offer Near-LOS capability, P2P, P2MP and Mesh modes, and lower costs of implementation

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