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CableFree: Wireless Excellence operates a Global Partner Programme with many benefits.   The CableFree Partner Programme covers a deployed base of 90 countries where in addition to supply of our range of CableFree Products we offer extensive training, network design, consultancy, technical and commercial support to our partners all around the world.
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CableFree Partner Program

Complete Range of Wireless Solutions: A “One Stop Shop” for Wireless

Welcome to the CableFree Partner ProgramThe CableFree product range represents a “one stop shop” for all wireless needs, with a complete suite of wireless solutions including:

  • 4G/5G/LTE Broadband Wireless
  • Licensed Microwave (MW) from 2 to 42GHz
  • E-band Millimeter Wave (MMW)
  • MIMO OFDM Radio
  • Free Space Optics (FSO)
  • Carrier-grade WiFi

Benefits to the CableFree Partner Programme

Welcome to the CableFree Partner Programme - LTEThere are many benefits to the CableFree Partner Programme. We work with our partners worldwide to grow long term wireless business:

  • High quality reseller & distribution partners globally
  • Work closely with partners to grow business regionally
  • Refer end users and sales leads where appropriate
  • Training & support for all partners
  • Long-term partnerships to generate growth

Why be a CableFree Partner?

Welcome to the CableFree Partner Program - MMWThere are many benefits to becoming a CableFree Partner, to grow your business with Wireless Networking:

  • Best Product range on the market
  • Exclusive Access to Senior Wireless Experts
  • Dedicated to follow up and support all projects
  • Enhanced support for Bid processes
  • Including vendor presence as required
  • Access to exclusive information resources
  • Pay as you Grow, Training, Support Portal
  • Special Competitive Pricing schemes

Complete range of Services Available

Welcome to the CableFree Partner ProgramCableFree: Wireless Excellence offers a complete range of services to support Wireless Projects worldwide:

  • Feasibility & Network Design
  • RF design & planning
  • Product Trials & Training
  • Support–3 tiered model
  • Onsite support–as required
  • Rapid response,24×365 available
  • Full turnkey service available

How to become a CableFree Partner

CableFree FOR3 Microwave LinkPlease Contact Us for more information and how to join the program:

  • Contact your CableFree: Wireless Excellence representative
  • Complete an Application Form
  • Receive an Information Pack
  • Study product information, application notes & case studies
  • Arrange product & sales training as appropriate
  • Plan your promotional campaign
  • Work with our experts to convert your sales leads to real projects

For Further Information

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