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CableFree Launches 10.5GHz P2MP & P2P Radios

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CableFree MIMO radios for 10.5GHz Band

CableFree 10.5GHz MIMO OFDM Radios CableFree has launched a new range of radios for the 10.5GHz licensed bands including Point to Point (P2P) and Point to Multipoint (P2MP) operation. The radios offer high performance wireless connectivity with up to 300Mbps 2×2 MIMO OFDM radio operating in the 10.1-10.6GHz licensed bands.  Directional Point to Point and Sector antennas […]

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Point-to-Point and Point-to Multipoint Wireless

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CableFree Amber Crystal 802.11ac MIMO radio

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Communication In Wireless communications, Point-to-Multipoint communication (P2MP, PTMP or PMP) is communication which is accomplished via a distinct type of one-to-many connection, providing multiple paths from a single location to multiple locations. For P2MP, a central antenna or antenna array broadcasts to several receiving antennas and the system uses either Frequency Division Multiplexing or time-division multiplexing to allow for bidirectional […]