CableFree MMW Links deployed for Safe City projects in the Middle East

CableFree MMW links installed in the Middle East

CableFree E-Band Millimeter Wave (MMW) Links deployed in the Middle East

CableFree 1Gbps MMW links have been widely installed in the Middle East for Safe City CCTV projects.  E-band MMW is secure, fast to install and offer up to 20Gbps capacity in 2+0 configuration.

CableFree MMW links installed in the Middle East
CableFree MMW links installed in the Middle East

Recent extensions to projects demonstrate the technology is robust and solid in challenging transmission conditions throughout the region.  The narrow beams and highly directional antennas used in MMW enable high density of installations and avoid interference between co-located units, making link planning & deployment easy to achieve.

The high capacity of MMW can enable backhaul of hundreds of high definition CCTV cameras over a single link, as an ideal alternative or replacement of fibre optic connections.  Unlike Fibre, MMW is fast to deploy and does not risk disruption from digging, construction and other street-level activities.


In addition to Safe City & CCTV, MMW is ideal for Wireless Backhaul Networks for 4G & 5G LTE, as well as corporate LAN extensions, Campus Networks and other applications also.

Complete range of MMW Products

CableFree offers a full range of MMW products including E-band 70/80GHz and V-band 60GHz, with capacities of 1Gbps, 10Gbps up to 20Gbps & 40Gbps.  Products are all available and shipping through our channel partners worldwide.

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