Freshwave deploys CableFree 5G

Freshwave CableFree

CableFree 5G deployed with Freshwave & Athonet

Freshwave CableFree Athonet 5G UK n77 band

CableFree 5G-SA gNodeB radios have been deployed by UK operator Freshwave in partnership with core vendor Athonet to build a closed private 5G network.
CableFree n77-upper band radios operate in 3800-4200MHz “Spectrum Sharing” licenses ideal for Private 5G networks.

Freshwave wrote:

“We’re pleased to announce that, working with our partners Athonet and CableFree, we’ve successfully deployed an end-to-end complete 5G-SA network. It’s on the UK’s dedicated spectrum band for enterprise #5G at a live customer venue.

Athonet provided the core network, and radios and devices were provided by CableFree. The network was deployed in the dedicated private #5G spectrum band in the UK in the 3800-4200 MHz range (n77).

With this deployment we’ve shown the immediate and cost-effective ability for any enterprise to deploy its own private 5G campus network, just like #WiFi.”

YouveGotNetwork #innovation #5Gstandalone #MobilePrivateNetwork

– Freshwave Group

CableFree 5G: Base Station Infrastructure

CableFree 5G-NR radios are available in several versions including:

  • Small Cell (outdoor)
  • Small Cell (indoor)
  • Macro Site (outdoor, multi-sector)

in a choice of power level options with versions to support all 5G FR1 bands from 450MHz up to 6GHz, in both FDD and TDD variants. In Macro configuration, 5G-NSA is also supported.

 CableFree 5G: Deployed by Freshwave, CableFree & Athonet in the UK in n77 band
CableFree 5G: Deployed by Freshwave, CableFree & Athonet in the UK

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