New CableFree Gigabit POE Surge Arrester

CableFree Surge Arrestor GBE

New from CableFree: In-line Gigabit POE Surge Arrester

Protect your outdoor wireless installations with inline POE Surge Arrester protection devices.
Ideal for use with CableFree MIMO Radio, Microwave, MMW and 4G/LTE CPE radios.
Supports 48V POE as well as other voltages.
CableFree GBE POE Surge Arrester
CableFree GBE POE Surge Arrestor

Why Protect?

Wireless devices installed on rooftops and towers are at risk:
Best to earth them carefully.  The cables that run down to your comms room can carry surges which could put your switches, routers and servers at risk.  These surge protectors can protect your network from secondary surges that could be carried down the cables and cause damage to the connected equipment.  To ensure protection, the careful installation and suitable surge arrestors should be used.

CableFree Lightning Strike Map
Global Lightning Strike Map. Some regions are more at risk from strikes than others
Lightning strikes contain huge amounts of energy

Product Data

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CableFree GBE POE Surge Arresters are available from all Approved CableFree partners.
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