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The History of WiFi: 1971 to Today

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The History of WiFi The history of WiFi is long and interesting.  In 1971, ALOHAnet connected the Hawaiian Islands with a UHF wireless packet network. ALOHAnet and the ALOHA protocol were early forerunners to Ethernet, and later the IEEE 802.11 protocols, respectively. Vic Hayes is often regarded as the “father of Wi-Fi.” He started such […]

MIMO Radio

New Product Launch: CableFree Pearl Radios offer 867Mbps Capacity

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CableFree Pearl MIM OFDM Radio 867Mbps

New High Speed Radios from CableFree CableFree Pearl features:CableFree is introducing our new MIMO Radio, a high capacity, modern IP radio offering up to 867Mbps capacity for diverse applications including corporate networks, CCTV, Safe Cities and Wireless ISP networks. With many unique features, CableFree Pearl is available in both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Unlicensed plus 4.9GHz Public Safety bands to suit varied applications. […]


CableFree Multi-Radio WiFi Outdoor Hotspots

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CableFree WiFi Outdoor AP

CableFree Multi-Radio WiFi Outdoor Hotspots CableFree WiFi Outdoor Hotspots: Multi-radio, up to 4 separate radios in one box. Capable of WiFi, Hotspot Controller, Mesh, Backhaul, P2P, P2MP all in one unit. Simultaneous 2.4 & 5GHz, including 802.11ac. Options for custom licensed frequency bands available for backhaul links Optional 4G/LTE backhaul for mobile platforms, buses, trains, […]