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New Desktop 4G CPE devices

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CableFree has launched new Desktop Indoor 4G LTE devices. Supporting Bands B42 / B43 / B48 (3.x GHz bands), the CPE devices feature latest specification LTE chipsets and features for high speed broadband connectivity. Ideal for Public as well as Private 4G Networks, the devices join the CableFree range of Outdoor, Indoor, Enterprise & Industrial […]


CableFree High Gain, LTE/4G CPE devices for Long Range Connections

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New CableFree LTE CPEs are available for Rural Broadband Applications: New from CableFree: Wireless Excellence, a new updated range of LTE CPEs for Band 42 3.5GHz and Band 43 3.6GHz, including Band 48 for CBRS in North America. Latest LTE Advanced Technology CableFree offers excellent High Gain, LTE/4G CPE devices for Long Range Connections. CableFree […]

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New CableFree CPEs for LTE Band 42 & 43

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CableFree LTE CPE MiFi B42 B43

CableFree is launching new LTE CPE devices for Band 42 (3.5GHz) and Band 43 (3.6GHz), New for 2017, Band 42 and Band 43 is covered with new LTE devices.  These LTE bands include the 3650 band which is popular in the USA and generally in North America (Citizens Broadband Radio Service, CBRS) with low cost-of-access to […]