CableFree at Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona: 10-40Gbps MMW, 4G/5G/LTE, Microwave and much more

Note: MWC 2020 is cancelled. Interested in 4G & 5G Networks & Applications: Safe Cities, Mobility Solutions, Fixed Wireless, Rural Broadband and more?

*Breaking News*

We are very sorry to note that Mobile World Congress (#MWC) has been cancelled over coronavirus concerns:

“The GSM Association (GSMA) said it had become “impossible” for the event to go ahead as planned in Barcelona.”

In the absence of MWC 2020:

Please contact us to discuss CableFree products directly.

CableFree are offering the full range of Wireless Solutions for 4G & 5G telecom networks:  Please do visit us, and ask for a meeting to discuss your needs in detail:

CableFree Product Range

CableFree 4G & 5G LTE

CableFree LTE includes latest-generation High Power LTE-Advanced 4G & 5G Base stations, EPC Infrastructure and indoor & outdoor CPE devices, covering all current LTE bands with high capacity and low costs.  Create private LTE networks.  Upgrade older WiMAX networks to LTE for greater capacity and longer range.  Overlay existing 2G cellular networks with latest LTE technology for data.  Ideal for Mobility, Wireless ISP, Utilities, Emergency Services. Contact our expert team for advice:

CableFree MMW

CableFree Millimeter Wave Links now offer up to 10Gbps and 40Gbps per link aggregate – the highest capacity available in the entire wireless industry.  Choose a 10-Gigabit or 40-Gigabit MMW Network with CableFree:

CableFree Microwave

CableFree Microwave Links offer up to 1Gbps up to 6Gbps per link aggregate – some of the highest available in the wireless industry.  Choose a Full Outdoor (CableFree FOR3) or Split Mount (CableFree HCR) Microwave Solution with CableFree:

CableFree UNITY

CableFree UNITY platform offers wireless links up to 40Gbps capacity, uniquely combines diverse wireless technologies to extend range and all-weather reliability.  Connect further, faster, and with greater reliability and uptime.  Easy to install, fit&forget solutions.  CableFree innovation increases capacity, data rates, and ensures Scalable systems that can extend as you grow. Choose a Multi-Gigabit, Resilient, Self-Healing Network with CableFree:

For More Information:

If you were planning to visit MWC 2020 – we can arrange an online Skype Video conference call –  or to set up a meeting, please Contact us and we’ll respond immediately.