Rural Broadband – Wireless is a key part of the solution

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Reaching out for Rural Broadband: Wireless is a key part of the solution

CableFree Rural Broadband Wireless Solutions
CableFree Rural Broadband Wireless Solutions

Wireless of course should be a major part of the solution to rural broadband:
In the BBC article below, “social exclusion” is a big risk when broadband is delivered on copper and fibre media: cabled infrastructure simply can’t deliver everywhere at a decent speed, installed quickly or economically. Wireless solutions such as the CableFree product range enable you to connect rural communities quickly, reliably and with high capacities.

“The report also says the surge in data speeds has led to a “digital divide” between those who have the fastest internet access and those who are left behind. It says: “As the world goes increasingly online, those left behind risk social and economic exclusion. We have found that people who are left behind are usually less well-off or living in vulnerable circumstances.

Rural Broadband: 10Mbps is a target for “decent speeds”

2.4 million households and small businesses (around 8% of all UK premises) cannot yet access a decent broadband speed of 10Mbits per second,” the report said.
The report, Making Communications Work for Everyone, says: “We will work with the UK Government to make decent, affordable broadband a universal right for every home and small business in the UK.”

Link to BBC news item:

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