CableFree Celebrates 22 Years of Wireless Excellence

CableFree Celebrates 22 Years of Wireless Innovation

Celebrating 22 Years of CableFree: Wireless Excellence

CableFree Wireless Excellence is celebrating 22 Years of High Performance Wireless Connectivity: Founded in 1996 and thriving in 2018!
CableFree products are exported worldwide, now installed in over 80 countries worldwide.
CableFree Celebrating 22 Years of Wireless Innovation
CableFree Celebrates 22 Years of Wireless Innovation

We’re Celebrating!

In 1996 the CableFree team created the world’s fastest wireless links, offering 622Mbps capacity in an era of dial-up internet.  The CableFree founders envisaged a wireless world, unconstrained by cables, offering fibre-like speeds through the air, with instant, reliable and affordable communications for all.  Lead by technology innovators, the team continued to achieve several World First including the first Wireless Gigabit Ethernet links in 1999, several years ahead of any other vendor.  We’ve continued to innovate and grow, with capacities up to 40Gbps and customer installations in over 80 countries.

Today in 2018 the company offers a complete range of Wireless solutions including Millimeter Wave, 4G / 5G / LTE, Microwave, Radio, MIMO Radio, FSO and Carrier WiFi.  High performance as well as dependable and affordable, CableFree products power some of the world’s most prestigious networks.

You can count on CableFree for continued wireless innovation for years to come!

CableFree celebrating at 22