CableFree launches 3.5GHz band Microwave links

CableFree FOR3 links are now available in 3.5GHz band

CableFree FOR3 Microwave radio links are now available in 3.5 GHz band models, adding to the existing range of frequencies available in this product range.  In many regions, 3.5GHz is used for Rural Broadband Access to enable Internet access where fibre optics and cabled internet is either unavailable or unconomic.  Wireless internet delivery is almost always faster, easier and lower cost to deploy.

CableFree FOR3 Microwave now available in 3.5GHz band
CableFree FOR3 Microwave now available in 3.5GHz band

Fitting the ITU-R F.1488 channel planning recommendations for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), the CableFree FOR3 links can operate in 3400-3600 MHz band to enable high speed Point to Point (P2P) Backbone links to connect Point of Presence (POP) sites and key customers where high speeds are required.  These P2P Microwave radios can be used alongside P2MP radios and 4G/5G LTE with suitable spectrum planning.

Highest Performance & Spectral Efficiency

Using highly efficient industry-leading 1024QAM modulation, CableFree FOR3 links offer high throughput up to 314Mbps Full Duplex (equivalent to 628Mbps aggregate counting both directions) within a 40MHz channel.  This compares to typically 64QAM available in most Wireless Broadband radios designed for the 3.5GHz band, boosting operator capacity and frugal use of precious spectrum.  Precise channel frequencies and channel widths can be set under software control.

Low Latency, Full Duplex Operation

CableFree FOR3 is a Full Duplex radio using Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD), which uses separate channels for transmit and receive.  FDD technology offers symmetrical capacity and lowest possible latency and is ideal for long range backbone links, overcoming timing overhead and inherent latency of TDD radios, which are commonly used for short-range last-mile in Point-to-Multipoint configuration.

Long Range Capability

CableFree FOR3 Microwave links offer up to 314Mbps in 3.5GHz Band
CableFree FOR3 Microwave links offer up to 314Mbps in 3.5GHz Band

Low frequencies such as 3.5GHz carry signals further than higher frequency bands, and do not suffer rain fade even in high rain regions, making CableFree FOR3 in 3.5GHz ideal for long range links and Rural Broadband applications.  These CableFree radios operate using just a single polarity, enabling greater deployment density and frequency re-use.

Fully Shipping and Available

CableFree FOR3 3.5GHz version is fully shipping and available now.  FOR3 is also available in variants covering all standard frequency bands from 4 to 42GHz, including Unlicensed Band frequencies of 5GHz, 17GHz and 24GHz, to give operators even greater flexibility in network design. A full range of microwave antennas in sizes from 30cm up to 3m or more are available for short and long range links

For Further Information

CableFree has over 21 years experience with real-world deployment of wireless for mission-critical applications, with thousands of commercial deployments worldwide. For further information on Applications and Solutions for the range of CableFree wireless networking products please Contact Us