CableFree HCR Microwave with Ultra High Power Options

CableFree HCR 1024QAM XPIC Licensed Microwave Radio Ultra High Power UHP

CableFree HCR Microwave is now available with Ultra High Power (UHP) ODU options

CableFree HCR 1024QAM XPIC Licensed Microwave Radio Ultra High Power UHP
CableFree HCR 1024QAM XPIC Licensed Microwave Radio with UHP Options

CableFree HCR with Ultra High Power ODUs is a popular wireless solution for long range backbone microwave links with high capacities available up to 1Gbps, 2Gbps or more.

Ultra High Power (UHP) versions now available:

The UHP version is available in 6,7,8 and 11GHz bands, ideal for very long links where link margin is critical.  Benefits gained by using Ultra High Power Microwave links include:
  • Longer Link range
  • Allows use of a smaller antenna
  • Small increase in ODU cost is offset by
    • reduced size & cost of antennas
    • Reduced shipping costs
    • Reduced antenna weights,
    • Reduced wind-loading
    • Reduce Tower rental space/Cost,
    • Improved aesthetics by using smaller antennas
  • Enables higher capacity QAM modulation at longer range
CableFree HCR is available in 3.5 to 42GHz Microwave bands. Features 1024QAM and XPIC for 1Gbps Full Duplex Capacity in 2+0 up to 2Gbps in 4+0 Configuration.

CableFree HCR Overview

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CableFree HCR Features

CableFree HCR features and datasheet are shown on the HCR Web Page:
In brief: 1024QAM dual modem, ACM, XPIC integrated, 7x GBE ports, expandable/stackable, full range of ODUs for 4-42GHz available

CableFree HCR Link Configurations

CableFree HCR can be configured in many flexible modes to meet application requirements:

  • 1+0 unprotected: single ODU
  • 2+0 Aggregation: dual ODU
  • 2+0 East-West repeater site: dual ODU
  • 1+1 Hot Standby Protection: dual ODU, single antenna
  • 1+1 Frequency Diversity: dual ODU, single or dual antenna
  • 1+1 Space Diversity: dual ODUs and dual antennas
  • 2+2 Space Diversity: Quad ODUs and dual antennas

Fully Shipping and Available

CableFree HCR is fully shipping and available in all standard frequency bands from 4 to 42GHz.

For Further Information

CableFree has over 21 years experience with real-world deployment of wireless for mission-critical applications, with thousands of commercial deployments worldwide. For further information on Applications and Solutions for the range of CableFree wireless networking products please Contact Us