CableFree Launches New V-band Radio Range

CableFree V-band SmartNode 60GHz P2MP

CableFree has launched CableFree SmartNode and SmartP2P V-Band Radio range, a gigabit-class solution used for high capacity urban wireless networks.

CableFree V-Band 60GHz Radio Products P2P & P2MP
CableFree V-Band 60GHz Radio Products for P2P & P2MP Networks

CableFree SmartP2P Radio

CableFree V-band SmartP2P is the latest in high capacity unlicensed Point to Point (P2P) radios.  The SmartP2P radio features a high gain directional antenna and integrated V-band radio with 1Gbps full duplex capacity.  When used as a Point to Point link, distances of over 1km can be achieved.   

Advantages of V-Band Radio

The use of V-band 60GHz offers license-free operation in most countries and avoids RF congestion and interference now found in popular unlicensed bands such as 5GHz and 2.4GHz.  By comparison, 60GHz radios use directional beams and beamforming technology to ensure reliable and secure links between sites.

CableFree SmartNode Radio

CableFree SmartNode radio offers 360 degree coverage with 4 integrated 60GHz V-band radios for dense urban networks.  This one-box solution offers full 360 degree coverage and connectivity to either client site radios, or other SmartNode units, providing extremely high speed connections up to 1Gbps full duplex..  Available in versions with optional unlicensed 5GHz & 2.4GHz radios for resilience or WiFi hotspot provision, the solution is ideal for Operators and Internet Service Providers for 5G Networks, Wireless ISP and vertical markets such as Safe City, Smart City and Private LTE networks. CableFree SmartNode and SmartP2P offer the greatest flexibility and highest performance in the V-Band market today.

CableFree V-band SmartNode 60GHz P2MP
CableFree SmartNode P2MP solution with 4 integrated 60GHz radios and 10GBE SFP+ port
CableFree V-band High Gain 60GHz P2P radio
CableFree V-band High Gain SmartP2P 60GHz Point-to-Point Full Gigabit radio

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